BJP holds Intellectual’s meet at Katra


KATRA, Jun 12: BJP held Intellectual's meet at Dak Bungalow in the holy town of Katra on the occasion of completion of 4 years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government at the Centre. The meeting was chaired by BJP's State Spokesperson Brig. (Retd.) Anil Gupta along with Minister of State Ajay Nanda who is also local MLA from the region.
The meet was conducted with a particular purpose of bringing the achievements of Modi government in the mind of prominent persons from the society. The meeting also witnessed the exchange of ideas between the senior BJP leaders and intellect class for the greater good of society.
Brig. (Retd.) Anil Gupta termed the interaction as very fruitful and congratulated local BJP leaders for a successful programme. He pointed out that Congress is prompting all the opposition parties across the Nation for an unholy alliance with a single motto of opposing PM Modi. But the great works of PM Modi cannot be halted by their nefarious designs, he said. He also enumerated various landmark achievements of government and how it has positively influenced the lives of common man across all sections of the society. BJP is the only party which is close to the common man owing to its policies, he further claimed.
Ajay Nanda enumerated various landmark steps taken by the BJP as alliance partner in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. He also threw light upon various local programmes and achievements for the especially targeted for the regional population. He stressed that the BJP government always stands for the just and the good and will never compromise on its core principles for the welfare of poor and underprivileged. A thorough question answering session at the end of the programme yielded good and positive vibes amongst the participants of the programme.

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