Rassana Murder Case: Witness declared hostile, cross examined by Prosecution


Pathankot, Jul 10: A witness in much publicized Rassana Murder Case ‘Chemist’ who was the main link of Crime Branch’s story for the purchase of sedatives turned hostile. According to prosecution case the witness is still partially deposed in their favour. Today more witnesses are likely to recorded.
Mr. A.K. Sawhney Advocate cross examined the 6th witness who is a chemist by business at Kootah. Prosecution too declared partial hostile and cross examined at length. However it is the 1st witness out of six who according to prosecution is partially hostile. Special Public Prosecutor cross examined the said witness. Meanwhile the cross examination of Naib Tehsildar completed who deposed that Devsthan is a joint ownership land of proximately among six persons and keys of are kept more than two other persons than ‘Sanji Ram’ accused. Court sought compliance by today of its order directing medical checkup of Mr. Vishal who is facing stomach problem from last several days.
Mr. A.K. Sawhney Advocate appeared alongwith Mr. Anil Sharma Advocate for three accused as defence counsel.
The report submitted by Naib Tehsildar Pawan Sharma which shows joint ownership of Devsthan extract reads as … As per mutation No. 321 Brij Nath Co-sherer v/s Sat Paul Prem sons of co-sharer is in record, As per mutation 244 warast Dhanu Co-Sharer owner v/s Sanji Ram, Ram Das son Co-sharer 10th Smt Satya Devi daughter Smt Samiriti Wd/o Dhanu Co-sharer owner, As per mutation 248 Chandu Co-sharer v/s Basat Dass, Sat Paul, Ram Paul, Raj Kumar sons of equally Co-sharer, As per mutation 251 owner Daya Rani owner v/s Mohan Lal, Shashi Kumar Ashok Kumar, Shashi Paul, Kuldeep Raj, Brij Lal sons equally Co-sharer, As per mutation 385 owner Des Raj Co-sharer owner v/s Sanji Ram, persuno Smt Rano Devi Smt. Krishna Devi, Smt. Chanchla Devi Smt. Munni Devi,smt Archana devi, Received from crime Branch Jammu vide No. CBJ/FIR/10/2018/162 dated 17.03.2018 as per order of tehsil office dated 17.03.2018 and as per the order naib Tehsildar Kootah dated 17.03.2018 extract of the record prepared and enclosed with the report for kind perusal.
As per the report submitted by the Naib Tehsildar Pawan Sharma the one Key of the Devsthan lies with Sanji Ram S/o Des Raj and other keys lies with different peoples of different villages. Report reads as follows:-
A detail report of field staff is submitted alongwith field staff also visited the spot under signed is satisfied with report of field staff, Statement of inhabitants of the village and co-share of the village have been recorded on spot on 22.03.2018 who in their statement have deposed that Devsthan is situated in khasra No. 99 at village Rassana and is in common owner ship. As it is going on record of Jamabandi Devsthan has been constructed with the help and contribution of the people one No. of key of Devsthan lies with the Sanji Ram S/o Des Raj and other key of the Devsthan lies with different peoples who in resides in other villages. Hence report submitted seal and signature of Naib Tehsildar of Kootah the No. 421/NT dated 24.03.2018

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