Vitamin D supplements don’t boost bone health, study suggests


Vitamin D supplements do nothing to improve bone mineral density or prevent fractures in adults, according to a recent study that advises health professionals to stop recommending the supplements to most patients and also challenges the long-standing view about Vitamin D benefitting bone health.
The latest research, published in the Lancet Diabetes And Endocrinology, analyzed data from 81 trials, involving more than 53000 people, that tried to establish if over-the-counter supplements help in fractures, falls and bone density at all. The new analysis published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal was led by the leading experts on vitamin D Profs Mark Bolland and Andrew Grey from the University of Auckland in New Zealand and Prof Alison Avenell of Aberdeen University.
Lead author of the study and associate professor at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Dr. Mark J. Bolland said, “Our meta-analysis finds that vitamin D does not prevent fractures, falls or improve bone mineral density, whether at high or low dose”. As these new findings related to Vitamin D have surfaced up, we are forced to wonder if Vitamin D supplements work at all.

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