Bringing misguided youths back


“Do good and serve your mother, then your mother and then your mother and then your father. This is the importance of mother in Holy Quran and that is what showed the way to Army to bring these misguided youths back to their families.It was a quiet humane operation of approaching "Maa" (mother) launched by Kashmir-based XV Army Corps that saw around 50 Kashmiri youths return to normal life this year, after abandoning the terror groups they had joined. In this operation, the Armyundertook an exercise in the hunt for missing youths and approached their families. The strategically located 15 Corps, also known as Chinar Corps, is at the forefront in fighting the insurgency in the Valley as well as countering Pakistan's actions on the Line of Control (LoC). Gen Dhillon, who has served many tenures in the Valley since 1988, also mentioned that at some places, encounters were stopped right in the middle of action to facilitate surrender of youths who had picked up guns. Some encounters in Valley have ended up with a magical hug between a mother and a son and that is what Army's efforts to save young Kashmiri lives is all about.
Seven per cent of the youth who join terrorism are killed within first 10 days of picking up of arms, 9 per cent within one month, 17 per cent in three months, 36 per cent in 6 months and 64 per cent in first one year itself.Data compiled by the Army showed that 83 per cent of the youths joining various militant groups have had a record of stone pelting, which means that today's stone pelteris tomorrow's likely terrorist. In totality, the shelf life of any youth picking up guns is one year and that is what was conveyed to parents. Operations have been also undertaken in situations where a local Kashmiri youth is accompanying foreign terrorists in the dead of the night. There are some vultures across the border who want to target these young boys. Army has successfully managed to keep their identity under wraps as some would be attending college, some helping their father in fields or some earning daily bread for their families.

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