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Setting up a medical hospital in India is not as easy as it sounds, but we are here to give you some pointers to consider before taking the plunge. Health care is the basic need and right of every citizen of our country. Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical camps etc form the platform for this healthcare delivery, assisted by doctors, nurses and other medical staff. Unfor-tunately, India has a huge and growing population, but a poor number of hospitals. India has one hospital bed for 879 people. This is far below the world average of 30 hospitals per 10,000 population. According to the WHO, India needs 80,000 more hospital beds every year to meet the demands of its growing population. This highlights the need for more hospitals to be built at a faster pace. Here, we consider the necessary steps required to set up hospitals in India. Hospitals can primarily be of two types-government or private. Further, they can be general, speciality or multispecialty hospitals.
Believe it or not but it is true that the unhealthy functioning of authorities at the helm have made a Government hospital building literally sick leaving the public to bear all the pain in the absence of required medical services. At a time when the medical facilities have become something of utter importance, a nearly complete hospital building is left abandoned for the last some years at Gadigarh. With a Government school just in front of the hospital building and a road with traffic not too heavy separating the two complexes, a visit there brought to fore much shocking views wherein the building was turning dilapidated due to absence of maintenance and proper care. Medical facilities are the critical need of the public and we have to go to Gandhi Nagar Hospital for all type of medical aid while the hospital at our immediate neighbor only needs little efforts of the authorities to start services.

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