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JAMMU, Jan 13: Chajja Competition was organised today by people of Jammu led by Ramesh Arora former MLC and former Minister Ab. Ganai Kholi was also present in an impressive function was celebrated at Kachi Chawni, in-spite of heavy rain large number of people more than 500 participated in the programme. Number of traditional Chajja were displayed on this occasion and it is a culture of Jammu people which existed 45 years back said Ramesh Arora. People of Jammu used to celebrate this occasion by visiting at the residence of married couples, newly born babies house and also they used to take Chajja with them and dance on the beat of drum/dhool. Lohri festival is a day when climate change take palace and "Uttarian Paksh" starts which is consider as start of holy days. It is the day when "Bisham Pitama" who was waiting for the change of "Dakshnian Paksh" and arrival of "Uttarian Paksh" to leave this world and it is history during Mahabharat time.
While addressing the participant Ramesh Arora former MLC at Kachi Chawni said that it is the best way to keep sprit of Jammu alive by protecting its culture and tradition and consider that revival of Chajja has given a message of brotherhood to all because, this function/tradition is full of love for humanity. Dogra culture/Jammu culture is full of national sprite.
People of Jammu welcomed on humanitarians grounds all refugees those may be from West Pakistan, PoK and Displaced from Kashmir in national interest and in larger interest this sprite is to be kept alive and that can be done only by protecting traditional culture of Jammu region and Chajja is the best example to boost the sprite of nationalism especially in changed political and social conditions said Ramesh Arora.
Firewood was also burnt today in a tradition manner among the Chanting of Mantra by Pandit present on the occasion and as a mark of traditional culture pooja was performed by offering "Chirbara-Reodi" to fire/agani. It is necessary to mention here that this tradition of Chajja was revived after a gap of many years and it is only previous year when people again found traditional Chajja on road. It is also noted that there are only two three persons who can make Chajja because it is difficult art. By this way historical day was celebrated at Jammu in open when it was raining. Samant Singh expressed thanks to all participants for their participation in Chajja Programme in spite of cold and rain.

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