Treatment is more dreadful than disease


The corona epidemic has exposed the anomalies and unfortunate conditions in the Indian medical field. Although the awareness and livelihood of the Central Government has brought hope in life, but medical facilities are insufficient to fight this great age, it has become a source of money and robbery. While the cost of a day in a private hospital for the treatment of corona is up to one lakh rupees, it is difficult to deduct even a day in a government hospital.The Medical conditions in metro cities, towns and villages including the capital Delhi have become worse and so disappointing. Shortcomings related to doctors, hospitals, medicine, resources etc. are coming out one by one. These tragic situations have left the corona victims depressed and tortured.
The Supreme Court has also taken these complex situations seriously. Recently, the Supreme Court has asked the central government to identify private hospitals that can treat covid-19 patients free or for little cost. Chief Justice S. A. Bobde, Justice A. S. Pathan of Bopanna and Justice Hrishikesh Rai while hearing the case through video conference remarked that there are private hospitals which have been allotted land for free or at very low prices, they should treat the corona virus infected patients free of cost. The court was hearing a petition requesting that the private hospitals in the country be directed to control the cost of treatment of Covid-19 patients. The petition said that the government should treat the patients of Covid-19 as public service or without any loss to private hospitals who have been allotted public land at concessional rates or who fall in the category of charitable hospitals. Must be ordered to do the same.
The outbreak of the Corona epidemic is spreading rapidly in India; more than ninety thousand patients are coming every day. In the initial phase, when one or two thousand patients were coming out, our medical staff had treated the corona victim not caring for their lives, many psychological ventures also took place, but now this epidemic is taking a form of havoc, then why are government, medical services and psychiatric treatment going down? The question is not about the corona liberation plans of the Central Government and the Union Health Minister. The question is that India's medical procedure is flawed; the treatment of private hospitals expensive, this darkness is now acutely realized.

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