If my pillow can get work, I rest my case about nepotism: Adah Sharma


Actor Adah Sharma, currently shooting for a Telugu film in a forest, has done everything in her career, from scratch. Hailing from a non-filmi family, she has, in a span of 12 years, starred in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films.
With debates around nepotism and star kids getting it easy doing the rounds, Sharma’s take is quite surprising. Recently, she tweeted, “Always on my toes with RADHA SHARMA... The only pillow star kid in the world to have a verified Instagram account.” The actor’s cat-shaped pillow is a celeb in it’s own right, and this is how Sharma explains nepotism.
“In all my interviews, right from the time I started off in films, everyone asked me about nepotism, it would be a fixed question and now it’s a hot topic.
Earlier, people would tell me ‘don’t speak your mind’, so when I was asked about nepotism, I would give the same answer to everyone ‘if you are talented, you will definitely get work’, but in my mind, I would think ‘what if you are talented and don’t get work? If there is no chance, what happens to talent?’,” says the 28-year-old.
The one thing she was sure about is that she wouldn’t let the negativity overpower her. Sharma tells us, “I didn’t want to be bitter about things and say ‘oh you don’t get opportunities’. I am doing this to be happy and spread smiles. I won’t crib about it, because we all know it exists. I decided ‘let me put my pillow out as a star kid and see what happens.’”
What happened next left her amused. Sharma says her cat-shaped pillow has a verified account on Instagram, with followers standing at around 60,000.
“It has also got three endorsements deals, it’s very famous at airports.
Paparazzi ask me ‘where is Radha’.
We have also done an event together! They wanted both her and me. Instead of talking about nepotism, as I can’t change my parents, it’s too late for that (laughs), I thought let me have a child whose a pillow, not even a living thing. If that can get work, then I rest my case for anyone who asks me questions about nepotism,” quips the actor.

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