I love running and hope I can run in a marathon one day: Pia Bajpiee


Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise, goes the adage. Pia Bajpiee’s taking serious heed to that.
She wakes up early and has taken to running in the early hours. Pia heads out when it’s still dark at 5.30 am and has been sticking to that schedule for a while now.
‘Even once the gym opens, my running will continue’
The actress has no qualms in being up that early.
She says, “I love getting up early in the morning.
I have always visualised myself running in an open area in the dark and under the starry sky.
This can only happen when you get up very early in the morning. I used to make a plan every day that I would ‘do this tomorrow’.
But that tomorrow never happened, so one day I just pushed myself to do so. I just getting up at five am and now, it’s been 29 days since I am getting out at 5.am for a run.”
She adds, “Mumbai is pretty safe. The first day I could barely run five minutes. I would run and then walk, but slowly I increased my stamina. I can now run for 23 minutes without stopping.
My target is to run for an hour, so maybe one day I can run in a marathon. I guess I am a work in progress and I am loving it. Running for me is like getting in touch with God; it's like therapy. It's about ‘me time’ purely.
Sometimes I don't even listen to any music when I am running.
And I’m so ready to take on the world after that. There are also days when I can't run in the morning, but then I wait for evening to go out and run.
Even once the gym opens, my running will continue. It's something that was on my bucket list and it’s changing me as a person. I am praying to God that I should get some film on sports because I would give my soul to that. And you never know, when the preparation is there, anything can happen.”

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