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As Joe Biden is set to become the next President of the United States, the change of power in America will have an impact on most of the countries of the world. India was emerging as an important ally of America for some time. Howdy Modi in the US and Namaste Trump in India were the results of close intimacy between the leaders of the two countries. In this situation, the change of power in America will also change the dimensions of India-US relations. Biden in his victory speech, emphasized a message of unity and said that the time had come to "heal and restore the soul of America."Biden has been in favor of the India-US strategic relationship since the time of former President Obama. However, Trump was more focused on the Indo-Pacific region, where India became an important ally of the United States to stop China, and it is likely that Biden would remain an important ally. In addition, the policies of India and the United States against peacekeeping and terrorism in Afghanistan will be implemented in the same direction.
Obama and Biden strengthened cooperation with India to fight terrorism in each of their countries and across the region. Biden believes that there can be no tolerance for terrorism in South Asia. While he did not say much during his time in administration on Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, the Indian government hopes he will carry forward the legacy of the US administration's attitude towards India-Pakistan when it comes to cross-border terrorism. The Trump administration had unilaterally banned the nuclear deal with Iran, which was against the previous Obama administration's decision. India's relations with both the US and Iran are good. In such a situation, a dilemma was faced by India. It is possible that the Joe Biden administration will resolve this situation.
It is possible that India again joins the GSP category under the Biden administration. The situation is likely to improve for non-resident Indians and people of Indian origin who were negatively affected by Trump's protectionist policies. Vice President Kamala Harris is also of Indian origin. The report of the American Commission on International Religious Freedom described India as a country of religious persecution, to which the Trump administration's response was neutral, but Biden administration's vice-president Kamala Harris made her statement against it. At the same time, the Trump administration was neutral on the subject of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, violation of democracy, Citizens-hip Amendment Act, caste and communal violence, while Kamala Harris reacted against India on these issues. Only national interests in international relations remain unchanged. Personal relationships do not become a barrier to national interests, so Biden will not be affected by relations with Mr. Narendra Modi & Donald Trump. India is currently a growing force on the world stage. Therefore, India is very important for America's policies and better relations with America will improve India's global situation, so both countries need each other. A better relationship between India and America is a relationship between East and West that will be beneficial for the whole world.

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