I have dropped nine kgs already for Aye Zindagi: Satyajeet Dubey


Actor Satyajeet Dubey is on a roll. His work in 'Mumbai Dairies 26/11' as Dr Shaan Mirza has been noticed and the actor is looking forward to his upcoming film. He will be seen in 'Aye Zindagi' where he is playing the lead role along with South-Indian cinema veteran actress Revathi. When asked to describe himself, he tells us, “I’m a wild experimental artist with crazy creative energy.”
In an interview, he talks about his first break, his love for performing arts, the Hindi film industry and more. Excerpts…
You will be seen in the movie 'Aye Zindagi', tell us about the project. How excited are you to work with Revathi?
‘Aye Zindagi’ is about love, loss, hope, pain and the beauty of life, it’s about the uncertainty of life. It's been physically and emotionally my toughest so far. I have dropped some nine kgs already for this part. It’s a film about a young guy who’s terminally ill and the backdrop is ethical organ donation. I read the script and instantly fell in love with it, the soul of it is pure. And I think I’m extremely fortunate that I’m getting this beautiful opportunity to work with Revathy ma’am. Her calm, graceful aura radiates and how, we all know what an actor par excellence she is. I feel blessed to be sharing screen space with her.
What inspired you to choose acting?
Ever since I remember things, either I was doing some nautanki, entertaining people around me or on stage performing and getting appreciation and love galore. So I think the performing arts chose me, it came naturally to me. So unknowingly, I always knew in my heart this is what I’m born for and for that I didn’t need anyone’s validation. But yes when I professionally started working I started learning and understanding the craft of acting and immersed myself in it and the process never ends. Love it. Live it.
Tell us about your first break…
I did numerous blink-and-miss parts to be honest, but the first major thing I did was an ad-film for in 2009 and it was a three days shoot which was entirely shot with a green screen and me reacting to some 10 different situations. It was so much fun, dancing with Rajnikant, walking between Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan (the Jodha Akhbar scene), the Ironman battle scene, running away from a polar bear at the arctic, walking into Obama’s presidential oath ceremony and then a scene of a famous daily soap to a hit by Tom of Tom And Jerry and eventually dancing with Indian cricket team after they won the World Cup. And when I saw the final outcome it all looked perfect, the reactions and expressions, my director was extremely happy with me. I realised if I can do this without any of it actually happening around me that means I can ace whatever comes my way.
The OTT platform has been a boon for actors - what is your take on this?
Of course! It’s a phenomenal new medium, not just for actors but for all the storytellers and technicians. Everyone is busy and doing some interesting stuff. Different stories are being told, diverse characters are being fleshed out, some amazing experiments are happening and that’s what leads to breakthroughs, what better one can ask for? Having said that I always say, half of an artist’s talent is in the kind of choices he or she makes.
What do you feel about the Hindi film industry? How do you deal with prejudices and bias?
The film industry is one of the most difficult places to survive in and then to thrive in. Prejudices and bias are deeply entrenched in our society at large and the film industry is a part of that. Apart from being talented you require hustle and how. If you’re good and persistent and improving with time you can definitely make your space here.

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