Libraries and books are the only true friends, not mobiles, laptops


The widespread spread of information and technology in today's world has put mobiles, computers and laptops in the hands of the present generation, but it takes time to connect the youth who are more broken than books with the book culture. Although the Punjab Govern-ment has passed the Library Act, it is not being implemented in practice. There is a need to open public libraries in villages. Although this initiative has already started in some villages, it requires a lot of zeal. Government school libraries should be made modern. The post of librarian should be filled in every school and the period of library should be made mandatory in the school timetable. Healthy personalities can be introduced to children. Alth-ough children's magazines are published in schools, these efforts require more attention. Progressive village youth, panchayats, parents and the government should make a concerted effort in this regard.
Books are said to be man's best friend. Reading the biographies of important personalities and great people provides an opportunity to learn a lot from their experiences. Stud-ents can increase their knowledge and expand their vocabulary by reading syllabus books as well as other books. The government should take steps to improve the condition of government libraries. They should look good and have as many books as possible. Efforts should be made by the administrators of educational institutions to connect students with books. Students should be given books as prizes by conducting educational competitions, which will create interest in reading books among the students and increase their tendency to go to the library.
In today's world, especially in student life, the library is very important. In the digital age, people's interest in librar-ies is declining, but the knowledge that comes from libraries is nowhere to be found. A library is a collection of books, which provides a wealth of knowledge. Opening libraries in primary schools, villages and all urban areas can increase people's interest in books.
Books are true friends, not mobile: Today the younger generation is more dependent on mobile. The place of books in the lives of young people has been greatly reduced. No doubt mobile has the answer to everything, but with it our brain loses the ability to learn. Avoiding noise and coordinating with the characters of a good book is like doing Simran. Doing so keeps the mind full of self-confidence and sharpens the mind. Library teachers recognize their duty: In the digital age, grassroots work needs to be done to save libraries. Students should be encouraged to read books. Students need to be made aware of the importance of libraries again, as the new generation in the digital age does not know the true meaning of the word library.
There must be a library period at the school level. Let the students be hungry for knowledge: Education is the only way to enlighten our lives and knowledge is a treasure that no one can ever plunder and to fill this treasure of knowledge it is imperative to save the existence of libraries. Today's digital tools are taking the younger generation away from books & preparing graves for libraries. There is a need to create literary interest in the people. The importance of libra-ries should be discussed at school-college level and students should be encouraged to read books. If students have no appetite for knowledge then books or library are of no importance to them.
Therefore, literary lovers, intellectuals & teachers should work together to connect more and more youth in schools and colleges with books. The importance of libraries should be made known to the general public. Book knowledge as well as book light should be spread in the blank paper brain of children. On the day of great personalities, lectures should be given on the role of books in their lives and literary inspiration should be given by taking literary activities to the streets, neighborhoods and places.
(Writer is a Retired Principal & Educationist. Views expressed are personal)

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