In 2022, maybe I’ll find my soulmate: Alankrita Sahai


Alankrita Sahai had a working New Year’s Eve in Goa and she’s glad for that. “I feel blessed to be busy and working, and what better place to be than that?” she asks.
The last year has been tough for a lot of people and Alankrita is no exception. Looking back at 2021, the beauty pageant titleholder and Bollywood actress, elaborates, “We encountered challenges. We experienced chaos.
We witnessed changes. I think my biggest lessons would be to conserve my energy and not give away all of myself to people. You need to save yourself and nurture yourself.
The other lesson would be to be patient, no matter what life throws at you. I have been blessed as despite the pandemic I worked a lot. I was also blessed with beautiful friends and family who were healthy and safe. I was abundant with health, wealth and joy in being. I made many different changes in my life and added new skills to my daily repertoire.” ‘In winter, I love the idea of cuddling and sipping on hot tea or hot chocolate’
Cut to the present in 2022, Alankrita has got a few things she’s looking forward to the most. She informs, “It would be my work. My family, being healthy, protected and safe. I also look forward to a better year for everyone, financial abundance and restoration of faith. Some travel and maybe, I’ll find my soulmate.” For now, she’s enjoying the season for several reasons. “I enjoy winter, but I hate the wind in my ear… haha!” she laughs, adding, “I love how we can dress up at this time. I love the boots and the layering, the snow and the bonfire nights. I love the whole idea of cuddling and sipping on a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate, tucked in bed with a heater around.
Late morning and beautiful evenings. The smell of winter sure is beautiful.”
The actress enjoys travelling and sticks to her fitness routine, which includes circuit training, yoga and pilates. And work is a priority between all that. “I’ve got three movies, two shows on my plate and a lot more,” she ends with a grin.

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