BJP Govt’s misgovernance responsible for present mess in J&K: Bhalla


JAMMU, May 15: JKPCC Working President Raman Bhalla Sunday stated that Union territory is burning and terrorists are killing innocent people due to the government's "weakness". Killing of innocents is not only a reflection of the Modi government's failure on the national security front but also exposes their 'nationalism' facade. J&K is burning, terrorists are running rampant through the region and our people are paying for this government's weakness with their lives," Bhalla said. He said Kashmir was once again burning even when it was directly under the control of the central government. Bhalla as a part of his mass contact programmes and Public Darbars in various parts of Gandhi Nagar and RS Pura constituencies to listen to grievances of aggrieved people Sunday interacted with aggrieved people of Dharap Kothey.
Speaking on the occasion, Bhalla said innocent people, including teachers, were being killed in Kashmir and asked why the valley was burning despite being directly under the central government's control. "My only question is that has investment in the Kashmir valley increased, or employment risen or FDI comes in big numbers after BJP's historical blunders in J&K. The reply is a big no," he said. He claimed that the employment level and capital inflow got reduced in comparison to the era when Congress Govt was in place. "Whatever you do is for political reasons and not for the betterment of people. Today terrorist activities in Kashmir are increasing. Your misgovernance has led to all this," Bhalla alleged.
Alleging breakdown of law and order security scenario machinery in the J&K, Bhalla lambasted BJP Govt for its failure to rein in the anti- social, anti-national, communal and disruptive forces that were hell bent to vitiate peace and disrupt communal harmony in J&K for their vested interests.He claimed that the killing of innoocents by terrorists in broad daylight proves that the Government has failed to control the law & order situation in J&K. The Government is not performing according to aspirations of J&K people. The farmers, business community, traders, students are totally fed up with this non-performing Government, which has failed on all fronts whether it is providing basic facilities to the people or paying timely wages to the daily wagers working in various departments of J&K or checking price hike of essential commodities", he said.
Bhalla said BJP has no programme and policy for the welfare of people except to divide the people on communal line. He held BJP Government responsible for all miseries of general masses who were ditched by their elected representatives. He alleged that despite getting huge mandate from Jammu, BJP backstabbed aspirations of Dogras and surrendered for the lust of power.
Asserting that Congress is not "anti-national", he said those who are leveling wild allegations should check the number of their eye-glasses. He said Congress never played regional politics, never pitched one region against another, never played politics based on religion, communal lines and caste and always stood for unity of Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs.

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