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Celebrated as the International Yoga Day which was established in 2014. The initiative was first started by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi for the benefit of the citizens of India and everyone in the world. Today many parts of the world celebrate International Yoga Day with great zeal, but India celebrates it in the grandest manner possible. About 2.2 billion people practice yoga in worldwide. According to a survey, the number of Americans who practice yoga has increased by 50% in recent years to over 36 million in 2016.
Yoga helps in keeping the mind and body fresh. And to understand the importance of International Yoga Day, we have compiled some long and short essays on International Yoga Day for the use of the readers. Modern life is resulting us to take up a hectic and unsystematic lifestyle. This combines all the erratic food habits, lack or improper sleep, long working hours, etc. Due to this surely the new generation kids or adults are losing health, vitality, flexibility, energy and overall resistance to diseases. A holistic approach to exercise and combination of mantras and meditations during yoga produces many changes in our thoughts and mindset. It makes us free from addiction, enhances our memory power, keeps our mind cool and overall makes us more energetic, effective and builds self-control in us.
Yoga is an ancient form of practice which was developed thousands of years ago in Indian society and since then has been practiced continuously since then. Yoga originates from Sanskrit word 'Yuj' (YUJ). It means connecting, connecting or uniting. It is a union of personal consciousness with universal consciousness. Yoga is 5000 years old Indian philosophy. It was first mentioned in ancient sacred texts - Rigveda (Vedas were a collection of texts of spiritual knowledge, songs and rituals used by Brahmins, Vedic priests). In order to be healthy, various exercises are involved and get rid of various diseases and inefficiencies. It is considered to be a strong method to meditate, which helps relax the mind and body. Yoga is vital in an individual's life to make his life organized and help him to keep his body fit and mind in peace. Taking pills and health supplements does not have the same effect on the body as yoga does, and that is why yoga practitioners encourage others to avail yoga as a part of their daily routine. The International Yoga Day has helped in promoting the idea and the benefits of practicing yoga and has encouraged thousands of people and is continuing to do the same. It is said that Yoga has originated from Hinduism and is being practiced today in the world. People have learned about the qualities of yoga and accepted it as exercise and meditation. Originally yoga is not only a form of exercise, but it is an ancient knowledge of living in a healthy, happy and peaceful way. It helps in attaining inner peace and spiritual knowledge. Maharishi Patanjali is known as the father of modern yoga. Although he did not invent yoga as it was already in various forms. They assimilated it into the system. He saw that it is becoming quite complicated to understand anyone in a meaningful way. So they assimilated and included all aspects in a certain format called Yoga Sutras.
One of the main benefits of practicing yoga is that it helps in reducing stress. Stress is a common practice these days, causing disastrous effects on the body and mind. Due to stress, people suffer from severe problems such as pain, neck pain, backache, headache, rapid heartbeat, heartbeats, discontent, anger, insomnia, and inability to concentrate. Due to time passage, Yoga is really effective in treating these types of problems; it helps in reducing stress by exercising exercise and breathing exercises and improves the mental well-being of a person. Regular practice makes mental clarity and peace, which makes the mind easy. Yoga have become more popular nowadays because people are realizing its importance and the key to the cure of modern day stress lies in Yoga. Yoga is inexpensive, freehanded form of exercise with a combination of breathing exercises and poses. Yoga is systematic, scientific and result can be obtained by improvement of both physical and mental health. Yoga is very much accepted in the west also and through Baba Ramdev it has become increasingly popular. Therefore overall we can say that Yoga is the key to unlock the divinity in man. Body is considered a temple and yoga is the way to worship it.
It is to be remembered that Yoga has immense benefit when it practiced regularly. It keeps away most of the ailments from our mind and body. The journey through life will be happy, calm and more fulfilling if the people are in congruence. So, if you want to develop a strong and flexible body, lose weight, being at peace, good health, good looking and charming then you can achieve it all by practicing yoga regularly.
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