Long COVID-19 symptoms that can haunt mild and asymptomatic patients for years even after recovery


COVID-19 virus can affect a person in many ways. From damaging the lungs to destroying the healthy heart cells, once you catch the virus, your body becomes prone to several chronic health conditions.
Is that it? How long do the symptoms stay? Do they go away once an infected person tests negative (post-recovery)? No, not really. The damaging effects of COVID-19 are much more than what you think. In simpler words, the virus can do much more harm to your health than what was already known.
Suffering From Mild And Asymptomatic COVID?
In a recent study, the experts have cautioned that be it mild or severe, symptomatic or asymptomatic, after-effects of COVID-19 infection can be hard to manage. The doctors involved in the treatment process for coronavirus patients have revealed that mild COVID-19 infection or asymptomatic infection can be a misleading occurrence and the after-effects may last even for years. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is mutating and so are its features, with every mutation, the spike protein of the virus is bringing in new challenges for the body to fight.
In recent cases, experts have found that patients are mostly asymptomatic, and some don't even realise when the infection weaned away without detection. Several patients also spent a week or two with cough, mild fever, and sore throat. and headache. These patients either thought that the infection is mild and there will be no complications followed after recovery. However, the recent warning from the doctors says that that may not be the case. Even mild and all those who recovered quickly from the virus can suffer from health complications for years, even after recovery. These complications are also known as long-COVID.
What Symptoms Can Haunt You For Years?
Long-COVID is known as a condition where the body suffers from COVID-related symptoms even after recovery. These symptoms can either be mild or severe. But, the health complications are real and they need proper vigilance. Here are some of the symptoms that can haunt you even after you have recovered from COVID-19:
Hair loss
Brain fogging
Low energy
Back pain
Difficulty in breathing
Poor heart health
Lower libido
Sleep apnea
Chest pain
Long Covid, with basic symptoms that last months or even years, occurs in some people even those who have had mild symptoms of the infection. These symptoms can also affect those who were initially asymptomatic. This, according to experts, can cause serious damage to some of the most important organs of the body such as - the heart, brain, and lungs.
Speaking to the media about the study results, Dr P Ranganadham, Sen-ior Neurosurgeon at SLG Hospitals said that 1 per cent of the patient was found to deal with Covid meningitis, while it constitutes 10 per cent of neurological problems triggered by the novel coronavirus.
These long-COVID symptoms were more severe in those patients who were suffering from comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, and even obesity.

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