Swine flu: Ayurvedic remedies to prevent and treat the viral disease


A sudden spike in swine flu cases in Maharashtra has become a cause of concern & health authorities have urged people to take all required precautions. The disease is primarily caused by the H1N1 strain of the virus. Swine Influenza as the name suggests is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza virus.
In some cases, swine flu viruses infect humans too. According to Ayurveda, swine flu can be compared to one of the types of sannipata jwara.
"Fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, head-ache, chills and fatigue may be accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea and can be compared to one of the varieties of sannipata jwara of Ayurveda, with the dominance of three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and loss of immunity (Ojas) in the body," says Dr Jonah, All India Institute of Ayurveda.
Dr Jonah suggests the following prevention tips or Nidanaparivarjana as per Ayurveda:
- Avoiding the contact or exposure: The prevention of the condition is usually by avoiding the contact, exposure by covering the nose or mouth with a tissue during sneezing or coughing and disposing it properly.
- Avoiding the places of overcrowding and the rotten food
- One can isolate themselves as precautionary measure to protect the colleagues and others
Here are remedies for prevention or management of swine flu or Shamana Chikitsa, suggested by Dr Jonah, as per Ayurveda:
1. Homes must be kept clean and fumigated with leaves of neem (nimba patra), oleo-resin of commiphora (guggulu) and aparajita dhoopa.
2. One can consume Ayurvedic formulation Sha-danga Paneeya which is prepared by boiling water with seeds of jeera or coriander.
3. One should eat light and easily digestible food for quick recovery from swine flu.
4. One can also try the following Ayurvedic remedies for cleaning the nose and throat as per Ayurveda:
- Anutaila Nasya: Inhale steam and instill medicated oil into the nostrils to prevent the entry of virus.
- Gargle with warm water mixed with Triphala Kwatha Gandoosha.
5. Take preventive medications like Swarasa - juice of ocimum (Tulsi); ginger (Adrak), kwatha - Dasamoola Katuthraya Kwatha, Kadha, Sitopaladi Churna with Honey, Sanjeevani Vati, Eladivati, Lakshmivilasa Ras, Tribhuvanakeerti Ras, Shwasakuthara Ras and Anandabhairavi Ras.
6. To improve the body strength and immunity, it is advised to take chyavanaprasha, Indukantha Ghrita, Brahma Rasayana, Ashwagandhavalehya or Kushmanda Rasayana.
7. It is also advisable to do pranayama and Yoga. Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika and Kapalabhati are some of the effective pranayamas.

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