China’s quest for global dominance


China's growing political and military might with an intention to replace the current West-led liberal world order has raised concerns across the globe as the US-China battle persists due to China's aggression towards the Indo-Pacific region. China's quest for global dominance has resulted in suppression of media and critical reporting in the country as several media houses and journalists are being intimidated and the flow of information is brought under strict control, revealed a recently released report by US-based think tank Freedom House. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to establish a stronghold in content distribution channels in China and 18 of the 30 democracies that the report reviewed acknowledged that the CCP made significant efforts to influence their domestic media. The research also unveiled some of China's attempts at cyberbullying against foreign journalists who posted critical articles regarding Chinese rule. According to an international survey conducted by the International Federation of Journalists in 2020, China took significant leverage of the COVID-19 period to revamp its image in global media coverage. Moreover, the statistics show that Chinese-supported presence in the media ecosystems in foreign countries went up 76 per cent as compared to the earlier 64 per cent.
The disappearance of content from social media platforms, missing pages of foreign magazines and the screen flickering before going dark when broadcasters like BBC would run sensitive stories like Tibet, Taiwan or even the Tiananmen massacre of 1989 has been used by China to shape its image. However, now the game has turned the tables and China is pumping hefty sums of money for advertorials and sponsored journalistic coverage to reshape the global information environment. The global perceptions of China deteriorated after 2019 as the human rights atrocities committed by China in the Xinjiang province, and the suppression of protests in Hong Kong alongside mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic came to light.

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