The very first Naagin actress Adaa Khan is back in Naagin 6. She talks about the show and her journey so far


How does it feel to be back on the popular show, Naagin?
I am always happy when they call me for any season. It feels like I am back home, as I was part of season one and Naagin started with me.
Playing the same role of Shesha again, do you have any inhibitions?
This time Shesha has come back in a positive avatar, as she is helping Teja. People are very happy seeing our chemistry and also compare it with Mouni Roy. My entry episode was trending on YouTube and Twitter. I am really happy with the love I got when I entered the show.
Tell us about your look in this season…
It’s a different look every season. Always a different outfit, make-up, hair; everyone looks different. All the fans wait for Shesha’s look and they observe everything new about her.
How much input did you give for your look in Naagin?
Definitely a lot. Prior to my entrance in the show, we chose an outfit and spoke about what all things could be added to it. So, of course, there are inputs. Everyone works together to ace the look.
Recently you ran a poll on Shesha’s dialogue in Naagin. How was the response?
It had almost 5,000 comments and people did remember all of Shesha’s dialogues. Right from Season 1 till now, they remembered everything! They wrote it in paragraphs and the response was very overwhelming.
Your performance in Naagin was always appreciated by the audience. What’s the secret?
As I was so into the character, Shesha seems like my own baby. I created it with all the brief I got from Ekta ma’am and the director. Shesha, at times, is negative and at times positive, so nobody knows what she’s up to. She is always mysterious.
What changes would you like to bring to your professional life in 2023?
I definitely wish that more opportunities open up for TV actors and we get to explore OTT as well. Looking for positive changes.
Personal relationships are taking a backseat in the pursuit of dreams and goals in this race of life. What is your viewpoint?
Yes, I completely agree. People are mindlessly running and forgetting about their personal relationships. But I am a little old school. I have always prioritised a break and cherishing the present. This is why I keep travelling, take my dad out or hangout with friends. These things bring sanity.
How do you unwind yourself?
I visit the hills, where there’s absolutely no network on the phone. Even if I want to use my phone I can’t! That’s my way of just cutting off for some time.

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