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India is all set to assume the G20 presidency on December 1. The G20 reflects an emerging world order by bringing the G7 together with other major economies as equal partners. In the emerging global order, India is well poised to play the role of a leading power. India sees the G20 presidency as an opportunity to forge consensus on key global issues, set rules and shape outcomes. While unveiling the logo of G20, the Indian PM emphasised the principle of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' by stressing the mantra of "One Earth, One Family, One Future." Taking a cue from its own multicultural democracy, India shall be striving to move the world away from polarisation towards solidarity. India's G-20 presidency comes at a crucial time when the world is in the process of a geopolitical shift amid the Russia-Ukraine war and a troubled global economy inching toward recession. India will be presiding over the G20 for the first time since its inception.
Through its G20 Presidency, India hopes to extend the principle of the global common good and universal brotherhood to find sustainable solutions to some of the key global challenges. India will set the agenda for priorities of vital importance in sectors ranging from energy, agriculture, trade, digital economy, employment, environment and health, anti-corruption, countering terrorism, and women empowerment as well as focus areas that impact the marginalized and most vulnerable. India will also be bringing into the G20 discussions a focus on Disaster Risk Reduction, climate financing, green hydrogen, and reforms in multilateralism.
As India inherits from Indonesia the G20 Presidency full of challenges, India has the chance not only to showcase its global leadership and statesmanship but also to turn adversities into opportunities. Given the pressing challenges of post-pandemic effects, climate change problems and a need for a clean energy transition, India must highlight its global leadership regarding low-cost vaccine technology, universal immunisation programme, generic drugs production, and solar energy, amongst others. India will certainly use the presidency to focus on climate action, energy security, improving public health systems and accelerating the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. India can thus use the platform constructively. By hosting such a high-profile international event at a time of international turbulence, India is signalling its intent to think and deliver big with its effective leadership, India can rejuvenate the degrading multilateral order. Indian presidency is also an opportunity for the existing multilateral order to retain its credibility at the global podium with concerted efforts.

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