People may have different modes of worship but should realise goal is same: RSS chief


NEW DELHI, Mar 17: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Friday underlined the Vedas' acknowledgement of various paths undertaken by people to realise the spiritual truth and asserted that the world needs this understanding at this time of conflicts.
Speaking here at the release of Urdu and Hindi translations of the Samveda, one of the four Vedas which are regarded as foundational texts of Hinduism, Bhagwat said different people may have different modes of worship but what should be realised is that the goal is the same.
One should not fight over different means and this is the message which is relevant for all and is something that India has to offer to others, the top functionary of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) said.
In his speech, Bhagwat quoted various parables sourced to ancient texts to stress that the same truth can be perceived differently by different people.
The one who guides all is known by different names, he said, underlining the need for interfaith harmony.
"Methods (of worship) and paths could be different, but destiny is the same. Look at destiny and move towards it. Don't fight with each other over methods. This is the message that India has to send out to the world," Bhagwat said.
Citing a story, the RSS chief said various persons can approach the top of a mountain using different paths. While they may believe that others have taken the wrong way, the one on the top can see that everybody is climbing towards the same goal, he said.
"The world needs to understand this truth. All over the world, there is discord between humans. There is discord between humans and nature as well. Humans have invited this crisis and the solution is in their hands. They will have to change the way they think," Bhagwat said.
The Urdu and Hindi translations of Samveda have been done by film writer and director Iqbal Durrani, who has been associated with various big-budget Hindi movies, especially in the 1990s.
Speaking at the event, Durrani said Dara Shikoh, the eldest son of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, had translated various scriptures into Persian and wanted to translate Vedas also but did not survive to do so.
"What could not be done them has been done today during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's regime with me translating Samveda... Aurangzeb lost today and Narendra Modi ji won," he said.
Senior RSS leaders Krishna Gopal, Ram Lal and Indresh Kumar and others from Sangh attended the event.
Actors Suniel Shetty, Mukesh Khanna, Jaya Prada, Gajendra Chouhan and singer Anoop Jalota were also present at the event along with other dignitaries including religious leaders from different faiths.

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