Monsoon makes Lucknow more beautiful: Vidya Balan


With some incredible roles in her kitty, Vidya Balan can surely be described as an actor with a substance. In Lucknow on a rainy afternoon, complexities of tasks at hand notwithstanding, she looks eager to talk, joke and discuss everything under the sun.
Your last outing Srijit Mukherji’s Begum Jaan failed to leave a mark. Does failure, or success for that matter affects you?
Success has its own sweet taste. It gives you a kick and of course you are under a hangover for quite some time. Failure, however, brings you back to the reality that everything in life is temporary. But I enjoy both the phases. Failure of a film affects me and I try to reason it but for a very short span. I do have a realization that it’s all part and parcel of your profession.
You are in the city of Nawabs. How does it feel coming back here?
I love this city as well as this state. I have been here many a times but this time I’m getting to see a different face of Lucknow as I’m en-route to my next destination, Gopal Kheda. This is a first time I am here in monsoon and trust me the city looks all beautiful in this weather too.
You have started getting associated with different causes at a very early stage of your career. What is it that makes you take time out and take on such causes?
I really believe that first we have to be a part of the change that we want to see in our society. And as an actor I have a virtue of making my cause reach out to many out there so I want to take as many genuine causes I can at a point of time. Like for this cause Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala, I joined the brand as a beauty product but they came up with this noble idea of taking education to kids in villages. So this was a bonus for me. It’s this cause of education that got me here this time.
What’s your take on the ongoing debate on nepotism in the film industry?
See I have never experiences nepotism in the industry and I am very happy with my journey of more than a decade. And this debate has actually become too boring to say anything as much has been said over this. But yes I would like to add one thing that nepotism exists everywhere not just film industry. It’s in politics, business, jobs, you just name it and you will realise what I mean by saying so.
Your love for sarees is known wordwide... what is it with sarees?
I love sarees. Now toh people even gift me sarees...(laughs). It’s synonymous with me today. And trust me I have no qualms accepting this.
Have you tried chikan sarees from Lucknow?
Oh! Of course I have bought many... then I also got many...smiles...but my favourite is a mustard nine yard piece of fine chikan with net embroidery. And one more thing it’s not just sarees I also want to take a film based in or around this city soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Lastly...tell us about your upcoming projects?
Tumhari Sulu is slated for December release. It’s a happy film for change with a slice of life. I know people are going to love it.

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