Home Hacks to Prevent Mosquito Bites


Mosquito bites can be both irritating and dangerous. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), mosquitoes are known to cause at least 1 million deaths a year due to the diseases that they spread. With statistics like this, it becomes important that you keep mosquitoes out of your home.
So, how do you prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your home during the monsoons? There are various home hacks you can try. Here's your go-to list!
Camphor: This is a natural repellent that can be used liberally in your home. Start by closing all the doors and windows in your home and lighting some camphor. Keeping the doors and windows closed for a while will ensure that the fumes fill the air and remove all traces of mosquitoes. You can also choose to simply leave camphor balls around your home.
Neem Oil: Another effective way to keep mosquitoes away is by using neem oil. It can be mixed with citronella oil or camphor oil, all of which are scents that repel mosquitoes. You can also mix a few drops of these oils in a bowl of water that can be kept in a corner of the room to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home.
Liquid repellents: For an easy and effective way to keep mosquitoes at bay, you can use liquid electric repellents. These are quite safe and easy to use. You simply plug them in and let them work their magic. Additionally, they don't emit any toxic fumes, which means they are ideal for use in homes with young children and the elderly.
Remove stagnant water: A popular breeding ground for mosquitoes, stagnant water can cause you more harm than you know. So, check areas like indoor pots, coolers, gardens and other places where water may pool. This also includes drains and ponds in the garden. The best way to keep mosquitoes away is to remove this kind of stagnant water so that they do not breed.
Mesh windows and doors: In the monsoons, keeping the doors and windows is a must to keep out pesky insects. However, this would mean giving up on the cool, fresh air that comes with the rains. There is still a way to enjoy the cool breeze while keeping mosquitoes out- that is by installing mesh windows and doors. You should ideally install such layers for all your doors and windows to ensure maximum protection.
Ensure clean surroundings: When you have an unkempt garden or terrace, it generally leads to an influx of mosquitoes. You may not realise it, but potted plants and grass can encourage not just mosquitoes, but other insects as well. So, keep these areas clean, well-trimmed and manicured to thwart the breeding of mosquitoes. You can change the mud in the flowering pots, light repellent coils or cards and keep the area neat and tidy.
The first step to prevent mosquito bites is by keeping them out of your home. These steps can reduce the possibility for mosquitoes to enter your home, thus shielding you against diseases and illnesses.

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