GAHJ organizes a seminar on World Arthritis day


JAMMU, Oct 12: Dr. Virender Mahajan noted Ayurvedic Physician recipient of National as well as J&K government Award for developing anti-arthritis herbal drug was the main speaker on the occasion of World Arthritis Day 2017
Dr Mahajan while speaking on the occasion stated it was a coincidence that Ministry of AYUSH Government of India has also declared a theme "MANAGEMENT OF PAIN THROUGH AYURVEDA" which is also related with arthritis in broader terms
He said that Dr Taran Singh deserves appreciation for utilizing the event with very positive note
He presented how to manage arthritis and allied ailments in the present era.
He stated that the number of medicines and methodologies are available in the texts of Ayurveda.
He further said that Ayurveda is not only a system of treatment but it also preaches how to live healthy and disease free life.
Dr. Mahajan shared his experiences about his novel innovation on salai guggul.
He stated S. Compound when compared with number of synthetic medicines it proved better.
He quoted an example of a drug based on the same herb; the clinical studies were carried outside India.
The Drug H15 contains 2.8% alkaloid compared to S.Compound 0.7%. During the studies S.Compound produced better results.
Scientists were surprised to see the results and ultimately contacted the producers of S.Compound.
After discussion, it was established that Ayurvedic Medicines are not simply a mixing of herbs; it is the processing which makes the Medicines safe and effective.
In the rheumatoid arthritis 70% to 80 % success rate is reported whereas in osteoarthritis it controls the further aggravation of the joints to some extent.
Western doctors declared it Leukotriene inhibitor so they found it effective in colitis, bronchitis and number of inflammatory disorders.
He stressed upon the Ayurvedic fraternity to explore the hidden treasure of traditional herbal wealth in the interest of ailing community of the world. Dr Devender Gupta Deputy Director, ISM stressed for the need of Qualitative and effective and evidence based Medicines.
He said S.Compound is in Supplies for the last more than thirty years and there was repeated demand due to efficacy. He hailed the contribution of Dr Virender Mahajan for making Jammu proud as S.Compound a drug from Jammu is available Across the Globe .
Dr. Taran Singh while speaking on the occasion stressed upon the Ayurvedic doctors to know about the strengths and the weaknesses of the systems and work on it. Ayurveda have great opportunity for the researchers to explore the oceans of medical knowledge inherited in Ayurved. He said that 25% of European Union is suffering from Arthritis and 120 million people worldwide are suffering from this disease.
In this regard Ayurved have great opportunity to serve the ailing people. He said that Arthritis is fully curable if treated in time.

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