Natrang’s ‘In Her Shoes’ outshines in Kalaghoda Festival, Mumbai


Mumbai, Feb 12: Natrang created history today for being the first group from the state of Jammu & Kashmir which presented its play 'In Her Shoes' under the direction of Aarushi Thakur Rana in the Kalaghoda Festival Mumbai. The play received standing ovation and was loudest with thunder applauds at Baba Dhanukar hall, Oricon House, in Kala ghoda Art festival. The play is inspired by a true psychological case study which is written by Nupur Sandhu, a Serenity Surrender Therapist. Elite of Mumbai witnessed this experimental presentation of Natrang and everyone appreciated and admired the electrifying performances of the brilliant actors.
“In Her Shoes” is a story of a well educated, graceful, elegant young girl, from an affluent family. She has everything what a girl of her age would dream of, branded clothes, bags, big cars, good earnings. She is the first child of the house, loved by all. Then still she is continuously fighting with the demons of her thoughts that are beyond her control, few thoughts she could relate to her present life incidences and few she couldn’t.
When the time comes, which every girls looks forward to, getting married all her buried fears just comes up, incidences which she thought are now past had actually not passed. All the emotions she felt during those not called for incidences, situations got hooked into her sub conscious mind and few from the time of her unawareness also.
Saachi fighting with her demons of her thoughts felt drained and looses all her confidence, due to her thoughts, her PCOS disorder and get into blaming everyone in her life for even her emotional and physical abuse. She was slowly stepping into self pity mode, That is the time when Serenity Surrender Therapy helps her to understand self through her hooked blocks and heals her wounds and bruises her soul was carrying and affecting her present life.
Due to this therapy she was able to remove her self- created chains…..and move forward in her life as a free spirit, ready to fly high and touch the sky. As now she was no longer living in the shadows of her past.
The proud Natrang artists who went all way from Jammu to Mumbai to enthrall art lovers at Kalagodha Festival included Anam Malik, Aarushi Thakur Rana, Vrinda Sharma, Nupur Sandhu, Agam Kaur, Sanket Bhagat, Ashish Parihar, Goutam Sharma, Shivam Sharma, Sushant Singh Charak, Manoj Kumar Lalotra, Ajay Kumar Lalotra, Brijesh Avtar Sharma, Akash Bhat, Aadesh Dhar and Rahul Gupta. The lights were designed & operated by Shivam Singh and the music was rendered by Bhisham Gupta.

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