Fanning the vile for love


Actress Taapsee Pannu tries to explain the mindset of Mammootty fans who viciously abused film critic Anna Vetticad.
Film critic Anna Vetticad has been brutally trolled and vilified by fans of Malayalam superstar Mammootty who took offence to Anna’s comments on the superstar’s latest film Ganagandharvan.
While the critic has faced trolling before, this once, trolls have vilified her using unspeakable abuses so much so that the critic had to call a press conference to express her anguish.
The hatred aimed at a critic for criticising Southern superstars is nothing new. Women who do not abide by the patriarchal rules of the South Indian film industry are violated, verbally and sometimes even physically.
Reading a mind-set
Now speaking about the issue, actress Taapsee Pannu, who has worked extensively in the South Indian film industry, shares that according to her, there’s more to the vilification of dissenting female voices than patriarchy.
“It’s not just patriarchy; it’s also the fact that fans there love their stars beyond passion. It’s their unflinching and blinding love towards their stars that make them troll anyone who says anything against the stars. Women are subjected to this kind of vilification on Twitter for their opinion,” she says.
In the South, when Taapsee started her career, the male bosses considered her unlucky. “Oh, it’s done in every entertainment industry.
Men who talk like this about women don’t realise how crushing these derogatory terms can be to women. They do it as they think are entitled to speak about women like that.
Male actors are seen in their professional capacities as a hero, comedian, character actor, etc., whereas female actresses are labelled by physical attributes iron leg, golden leg, milky beauty etc.
It is the male mind-set that entitles them to objectifying women. I was called the iron leg. I think I used that iron leg to give one big kick to all my detractors. But initially it hurt. I used to wonder, ‘why me?’” says Taapsee.

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