Onion and garlic might protect against cancer: Study


Onions and garlic, known for their intense flavours, are commonly used ingredients in Indian cuisine, and now a recent study has revealed that they might also help protect against cancer.
“Allium vegetables, including garlic, garlic stalks, leek, onion, and spring onion, belong to the most commonly consumed vegetables in the world. Bioactive compounds in allium vegetables, particularly, flavanols and organosulfur compounds, have been shown to provide beneficial effects against carcinogenesis”, the study stated.
Scientists from the First Hospital of China Medical University, who recently published their results in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology, attempted to understand whether consuming these vegetables in greater quantity might prevent people from developing colorectal cancer (CRC). Previous studies conducted in this field have already delved into the question of whether or not allium vegetables can reduce bowel cancer risk. Although some studies have shown that it could lessen the risk, others have found either a small interaction or none at all.
As per Medical News, “The authors of the recent study believe that the variation in results is partly due to how data was collected. For instance, some studies combined all allium vegetables into one group for analysis, and others did not include data from some, less common, types of allium vegetable. With this in mind, the researchers designed a study that would more faithfully capture the impact of allium vegetables on colorectal cancer risk.”

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