Court acquits cop ingun shooting case at Chingus Rajouri


JAMMU, Feb 5: Principal Sessions Judge Rajouri acquitted police cop namely GopalKrishan S/O Santokh Ram in alleged firing at Chingus Rajouri.Prosecution case in brief is that on 28.11.2009 at about 12.30 p.m the accused GoptalKrishan, SPO NO.729 after performing his duty as Santri from 9 a.m to 12 noon went in the barrack of the Police Post along with his rifle bearing butt No.184 and started inspecting the chamber of his loaded SLR with which fire was shot which hit SPO Anil Kumar No.1408/SPO standing nearby and received serious injury. The injured was taken to District Hospital Rajouri in a Govt. Gypsy where he succumbed to his injury. The occurrence took place due to careless and negligent act of fire shot of the accused which caused the death of Anil Kumar.Court after hearing both the sides observed that There is no direct evidence to connect the accused with the crime as no witness has stated that he has seen the commission of the crime by the accused person. There is also no indirect evidence to connect the accused with the said commission of the crime as the prosecution has failed to prove that the accused GopalKrishan took the alleged weapon of offences from Police Department and he then used that weapon of offence by himself for commission of offence of committing the culpable homicide not amounting to murder of the deceased. There is also no evidence on record to show the relation that the weapon of offence seized in the case including rifle and spent cartridges were used for causing the gun shot to the deceased. In view of the above discussions when there is neither direct nor indirect evidence against the accused person, judicial process cannot be issued in the instant case against the accused person as the prosecution has not succeeded in proving the guilt of the accused person. This being so the instant case straight way merits the acquittal of the accused person. He is accordingly acquitted of the charge framed against him. JNF

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