NC, PDP exploiting people’s sentiments, defeated: Suri


JAMMU, May 22: "National Conference (NC) and People's Democratic Party (PDP), that always defended Articles 370, 35A and PRC for J&K residents, are today defeated and demolished forces which are hiding behind unknown faces of their spokespersons. These parties, that exploited people's sentiments, have now started issuing statements in the name of unknown and unidentified spokespersons condemning abrogation of Article 370 and introducing rules for new domicile certificates". This was stated by Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) J&KExecutive Member, Raman Suri, who said that until now leaders of these parties were vocal about defending their manifestos but ever since issuance of new domicile rules, all of them have gone on backfoot and started issuing vague statements,from the names of their unknown spokespersons, just to fill in the gap. Raman Suri added that those, who were vocal against these laws and used to convince people that these laws don't discriminate with region, religion or gender, have silenced their voices and are not visible. This, he said, is because they were always wrong, discriminated with women and never allowed J&K and its youth to prosper like any other citizen ofIndia residing in other states of the country. Now that those redundant and rotten laws that discriminated are gone, these self-styled champions of Article 370 or PRC have gone in hibernation. Raman Suri added that BJP-led Government at the Centre has done justice with people of J&K including women, refugees, Safaikaramcharis, those who had come from Nepal and settled in the area since ages, as well as with the security forces, bureaucrats and Central Government employees who have given their best to J&K but never got the opportunity to live here with full honour, dignity and rights.
Raman Suri said, all wrongs stand undone and new vistas of growth and prosperity have been opened for the people of J&K UT. He said, had there been any merit in the talks of NC and PDP leaders, they could have issued statements in their names and not issued vague press statements, mentioning some unknown spokespersons. This justifies that NC and PDP always exploited sentiments of the people and discriminated with our mothers, sisters and daughters.

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