Women in command


Today, women are advancing in every field in the world and achieving historical achievements. Indian history is replete with stories of women's sacrifice and penance. In no era were women inferior to men. Women also participated in the war in the Vedic era.However, the medieval malevolent society left no stone unturned to keep women imprisoned in the name of dull dignities, but even then women, like Mata Jijabai and Rani Durgavati, not only from the scriptures but also by weaponizing the nation Protected unity and sovereignty. Currently, only the Indian Air Force joins women in combat roles as fighter pilots. The Air Force has 13.09% female officers, the highest among the three armies. The Army has 3.80%, female officers, while the Navy has 6%, female officers. The Ministry of Defense has issued an order to give permanent commission to women officers in the army. The Supreme Court, in a historic decision in February, directed that all serving women officers recruited under the Short Service Commission (SSC) scheme be considered for permanent commission. The government order has cleared the way for the participation of women officers in large roles in the army. Short Service Commission (SSC) instructs to give permanent commission to women officers in all 10 organs of the Indian Army. Women will now be seen representing the country in military air defense, signals, engineers, military aviation, electronic and mechanical engineers, military service corps and intelligence corps.
But women, generally considered weaker than men due to their specific physical configuration, were not so easily accepted into 'immune services'. The recruitment of women officers began in India for a period of only five years in 1992, eventually increasing it to 10 and later to 14 years. In 2016, three women were deployed as firefighters. He was appointed as a pilot project. Initially, in 2019, the government decided to give permanent commission to women in all the ten branches where they are included for short service commission-Signal, Engineer, Army Aviation, for women officers who were initially limited to medical services only. Army Air Defense, Electronics and Mechanical Engineer, Army Service Corps, Army Ordnance Corps, and Intelligence.Today, women officers are proud and essential members of the Indian Armed Forces. Avni Chaturvedi, Bhavna Kanth, and Mohana Singh are now part of the fighter squadron of the Indian Air Force. Somewhere in the Navy, as a pilot and as an observer, women are on board a reconnaissance plane, sometimes in the role of a fighter from the sky. The Government of India is committed to strengthening "Stree Shakti" (female power) in the Army.
When the women of the American army can fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, why not the Indian women? If women can participate in paramilitary forces and police, then why not in the army? A big argument for not sending women to the front in India is that what would happen if Indian women soldiers were taken captive in the enemy country? One fallacy is that male soldiers, who come mainly from rural backgrounds, are not ready to "accept" a female commander.

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