People go to see stars in theatres, on OTT it is about content: Atul Kulkarni


Even as the opening of theatres stand pushed as of now and films are queuing up for release on OTTs, actor Atul Kulkarni feels that it is not a long term solution and there will always be a difference between the two mediums.
“I don’t think the audience feels that way that OTT is going to be the way now. The audience is extremely clear about the platforms when they go and see a film. They perceive them both differently. They go to see star in theatres, on OTTs they are looking at content more. It is high time that we understand that ingredient in both the mediums may be the same but there is no point drawing parallels,” he shares.
Lauding the OTT platforms for being far more democratic to actors, the 54-year-old, who has dabbled with the medium with projects such as The Test Case, City of Dreams and upcoming show, Bandish Bandits, says what attracts him is the attention to details given to characters.
“It is a wonderful platform, especially keeping in mind the times that we live in right now. You get to do a character which are written in depth, and have a lot of complexities and also the variety,” he adds.
The actor also points out that the best thing about the digital platform is that it is still left untouched by the star-craze.
“Basically the audiences need to like the story and plot and love the character. Initially, they might get attracted to the big names attached to a show or film. But if you cannot hold them for more than 15 minutes, then the names don’t matter beyond a point. This is the medium of writers and directors, more than the actors,” Kulkarni opines.

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