The door opened because of my surname, but I’m aware of the rejections I faced: Shruti Haasan


Shruti Haasan gets candid again as she talks about what life would be like post the lockdown and also how her surname helped her, and also her share of rejections.
Shruti Haasan is always candid when it comes to interacting or sharing Instagram posts. Right from talking about the lockdown and how life would be post its end to shedding light on Nepotism and groupism, she spilled the beans on all in her recent interview.
In an interview, first talking about the lockdown and how it has changed her, the actress stated, "Besides, the lockdown has allowed me to spend some time and get to know myself better.
Apart from writing music and pros, I also did some photoshoots on my own with all the hair, makeup and camera handling done by me alone. I really learnt a lot about it."
When asked about the film shoots in the post COVID-19 world, Haasan had this to say, "It will be challenging with less people, but I also think it will streamline the work, and people will be more focused.
I rather see the positives of it since we don’t have a choice." She also had something to say about the debate that has been going on about the movie viewing experience on OTT and in a cinema hall.
She said, "Eventually, when things are safer, people will still go to theatre because it’s a wholesome experience.
People have like OTT as a platform to enjoy cinema and content through their comfort of their home. They are two completely separate experiences."
And of course, she also opined on the topic of Nepotism once again and said that there is favouritism and groupism in the industry.
This is what she said, "I understand the value my surname holds and I understand that it opened the door and there is arguing or debating that."
She added, "But there are also things like favouritism and campism that exists.
But I can tell with my hand on my heart that yes though the door opened for me because of my surname, but I am very well aware of the work I have put in and the rejections I faced."

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