Exhibiting humility


We have seen all the times in our political culture that leaders of this country create their followers and imbibe in them the blind faith towards them. These leaders abuse their authority, making others feel powerless. They act inconsistently, arbitrarily or unfairly, or in a manner contradictory to the core values of the democratic setup. Effective leaders not only accept accountability, but instill it in others. Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand. This most valuable aspect is totally missing in present dispensation and is self-defined definition of autocracy. Leaders need to exhibit humility and be open to questioning and healthy critique but our leaders exploit power to keep them un-accountable and project them as the only savior of the populace as Demi-Gods. Their actions do not match their words. Democracy is about consensus and public reasoning. The consensus, discussion, dissent are the prime issues on which a democracy is to be run other than polling. As majority can win a vote under majority rule, it has been commonly argued that majority rule can lead to a tyranny of the majority.
It is most undeniable fact that cannot be ruled out, as of nexus between "political executives" that are temporary executives for a short period of five years and includes Ministers and Head of State and the 'non-political executives" but under complete control of political class and are active in the field till their age of superannuation and comprising of civil service or bureaucracy. Bureaucracy can be defined as organizations in the public and private sector, and governments, rely on bureaucracies to function. "Permanent Executives' are hapless class and are not left in a position to exert their authority otherwise they have to face the wrath of their "Temporary Executives" - political masters. The "Temporary Executive" body being political in nature has political leaders in its fold and this fraternity is always looking for its vote bank rather than the welfare of its all subjects. Politicians often rule through trusted retainers.
When human beings are pushed to a situation to believe anything architected by ruler as absolutely correct and vision of the people shackled as to differentiate betwixt good and bad, we can say it is something not expected in democratic norms and it is new form of attitudinal autocracy enforced upon people democratically. Our bad luck, the system provides that the strength of less voters if transform to majority seats, it assume the absolute power and strength of majority voters if trailing behind in seats, either in Parliament or assemblies is unheard and not taken care of and becomes victim of suppression. When there are different cultural and political identities, it is the democratic process and transparency that keep whole flock together but the way the country is governed by the Majority system on the lines of proportional representation systems, Democracy is now perceived as the dictatorship of the majority through autocracy. Some "self-centered" outlook decisions of the present dispensation if taken into account, testify the facts about autocratic style of work such as: demonetization, announcements of heavy packages in states at the election time, never taking opposition in confidence and many self-centered decisions.

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