The virus can affect someone younger as badly like it did to me: Tamannaah


First her parents in August, and then actor Tamannaah Bhatia herself tested positive for Covid-19 last month and had to be hospitalised. Having recovered, the actor says it has been “quite the two months” for the family.
Bhatia was shooting for her Telugu web project and busy with a few other things when she caught fever and felt weak. “I think during my recovery period, I got all the symptoms, from losing the sense of taste and smell, there were fatigue and body ache…,” the Baahubali actor tells us.
While her parents were hospitalised for 10 days, Bhatia was admitted for five days while rest of the time, she was isolated at her Hyderabad home.
“Thinking about something daunting out there makes you feel uncertain. From being physically active to being enclosed in one room when I couldn’t even feel the fresh wind on my face was really difficult. I had my moments of feeling low, of not feeling good,” shares the 30-year-old.
The actor adds that one should not ignore any kind of symptoms in today’s time, and instead get checked immediately.
“We often think, ‘Oh, it’s just a fever or I’m overworked hence the body ache, rest karne se theek ho jayega’. I also had been working out rigorously and thought my body was aching because of that. But most of us are only aware of the common symptoms. So, the earlier you address the issue, the better. The moment you feel unwell get yourself checked,” she insists.
Though senior citizens are more vulnerable to the virus, it doesn’t mean young people are safer, points out Bhatia.
“Even though I lead a healthy lifestyle, follow proper diet and exercise routine, the virus has made me weak. It reacts differently to different people. Whatever your age is, it can affect someone younger also badly like it did to me,” she shares.
Bhatia urges that the moment one gets infected, they should inform the authorities about those who came in contact with them and take proper medical assistance.
“The fear around Covid-19 is understandable. But getting the test done, not hiding your diagnosis and treating yourself on time, really helps.
There’s no point in being scared and not helping other people. It’s not like if someone has got the virus, we should runway from that person. We can help them and the family from a distance taking proper precautions. We’ve to fight this situation collectively.”
Raring to get back to work, the actor understands that even if she’s immune to the virus for now, she still has the risk. “So I’ll be extra careful but I can’t stay at home and not work. We’ve to adjust to the new normal, the virus is here till we’ve the cure,” says Bhatia, who’ll resume shooting the Telugu web series, then start working on her Telugu film Seetimaarr, Telugu remake of the Kannada film Love Mocktail and her multi-lingual web show The November Story.

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