Stereotyping always happens, if you look good in a saree, people can’t visualise you in western clothes: Anangsha Biswas


Actor Anangsha Biswas has had quite some experience working on the OTT medium. Popular shows such as Hostages and Mirzapur figure on her resume, and the second season of the latter is set to air, too. However, she still feels till date, she hasn’t got her due as an actor.
“I come from a theatre background, and trained in acting from Australia. What I was expecting, we are not there yet,” she confesses.
“It has been a good beginning. I started as Zarina with Mirzapur’s first season, it was my first project on the OTT space. I would say that yes, it brought me to the stable of good actors, that’s the one thing that has happened because of these platforms. They showed me in different characters. I wanted people to know that, but it was not happening for a long time, that I have range.”
Biswas had also played a role in the film Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana (2012), but went to Australia after it.
She says the reason she found it easy to let go of work then was because she was getting the same role again and again.”
“When that film released, I was getting the same role again a Bengali girl. Stereotyping always happen. They try to put you in a box, so if you look good in a saree, they can’t visualise you in western clothes at all! Then I did action sequences in Hostages, now people are after me saying ‘Lara Croft ki tarah roles karo’,” she says. The actor adds she has been very conscious to not repeat herself. “Otherwise I won’t be excited, and then won’t give my 100 percent. If that doesn’t happen, then what’s the point? I don’t do a lot of work, but that which excites me,” she reasons.

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