It would be a lie if I said the film industry is an easy place to be in, it’s a tough one: Elli AvrRam


Actor Elli AvrRam started off her Bollywood career with Mickey Virus (2013), but it was seven years later, in Malang, that she was noticed for her acting chops. The web show, The Verdict State vs Nanavati, too, gave her a chance to showcase her range as an actor, and she says it’s indeed “only now” that people are giving her chances.
“Casting directors contacted me after seeing my performance in Nanavati. Even after they saw me in Malang, talking in Hindi. I think it has opened up more for me, I get meatier roles. Inside Edge season two also happened. I am happy that I never gave up, because there have been times it’s so tough,” she says.
The 30-year-old elaborates on those tough phases, and confesses that as an outsider who doesn’t have contacts, things aren’t that smooth as they may seem like and one feels lost many a times.
“You feel like you don’t have anyone to really ask for guidance, or know what to really do. It’s just because you are so alone, I don’t have my family. You suddenly fall into that, you feel helpless and don’t know whether you should pack your bags and go home to family and friends,” she admits.
AvrRam is glad that her “passion and fire is so strong” and she isn’t not the kind of person who gives up. “You hit me nine times, I will get up 10,” she adds.
Referring to all the debates happening around the film industry, the actor, too, agrees that Bollywood is certainly not an easy place to be in.
Asked if after all these years, she can finally call it home, she says she isn’t sure of that yet.
“Mumbai is my home, the film industry is my workplace. I wouldn’t say it’s easy, that would be a lie. It’s like any other workplace. It’s a bit tough, it’s not an easy place. One has to be very strong, I will say mentally as well as physically. That’s the case with show business all around the world. It’s a tough world with a lot of hungry people,” AvrRam concludes.

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