Bhagwat's Enthusiastic Speech about Nationalism


Vijayadashami is a special celebration moment for Indian nation as well as for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. This festival is celebrating every year in which power is worshiped and attention is drawn to issues of national importance. It gives new inspiration, new freshness, new power and new directions. Sangh coordinator Shri Mohan Bhagwat is holding the charge of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. On every Vijayadashami, i.e., on the day of Dussehra, Sanghpramukh has a special lecture in Nagpur, this year also took place. Because the birth anniversary of the Sangh is celebrated on this day, this speech is therefore most important. His address of this year is special, because his positive revolutionary views not only sent a strong message to the negative and national forces operating in the nation, but also defied and cautioned the misdeeds of neighbouring countries like Pakistan and China.
Bhagwat also expressed his views on the policy of neighbouring countries on the Corona epidemic, farmer's policy, education policy and economic policy etc. Speaking on education policy, he also focused on strengthening the national language Hindi. Standing at the sixty-four-year long distance, looking at the past of the nation, it seems that the rejuvenation of the nation is now taking place. The new consciousness that has come into the country with the strengthening of fundamental beliefs and nationality is a living proof of a powerful leadership. The efforts being made in the search for renewable sources of energy of nationalism, self-identity, indigenous feeling, Hindu culture, is unprecedented. The era in which the nation is being presented in accordance with the people's aspirations is extraordinary. Despite all these changes and additions; empowering the nation, the beauty of the simplicity of the union is unique. Mohan Bhagwat's Vijay-address of Vijayadashami is an inspiring speech on questions related to India's cultural, national unity, border-security and principality.
Mohan Bhagwat has drawn attention to the issues of national importance which have been in the discussion of the common people and which have also been subjected to fierce political controversy. Be it a case of Chinese encroachment or a corona epidemic. In these contexts, Bhagwat's assertion that China dared to create a war-like atmosphere on the borders during the Corona period showed its expansionist tendency. Union chiefs seem satisfied with the response of the Indian government to China and believe that it was necessary to respond in a similar way to the Chinese encroachment. China has been battered by this. In fact, India worked on many fronts to loosen the arrogance of China, in which military and economic forums can be called chiefs. Along with this, he also suggested that India would have to become more powerful to counter China.
Mohan Bhagwat also took to the occasion the political moves of continuously weakening Hindu culture over the last eight decades. Actually, it is not Hindu religion; it is thought and a culture that represents India. Being a Hindu nation does not refer to religion but to the omnipresent sense of Hindu culture. Hindu culture is the underlying connotation of generosity because it is the only culture in the world that incorporates polytheism i.e. all religions, ideas and cultures.
materialist thinker like Charvak was also given the title of Rishi by this country who said that is what it is today, who has seen it tomorrow, so today you should live it to the fullest and even if it takes debt If you have to do it, you should do it. Along with this, our sages also preached to us that 'Satyam buryat na buryat satyam apriya' means speak the truth but do not speak bitter truth. This has been the greatness and characteristic of Hindu culture that the beloved advocates the truth but also asks to prohibit it being bitter.
This Hindu culture is a culture of non-violence, but it also talks about raising protection and self-defense when needed. The word 'Hindu' itself implies the realization of Swarashtra, which is the submission to the larger nature of Hindu culture.
A person who dreams of becoming a sun by seeing a ray of sun is great, he is even greater, and who dreams of becoming a sun becomes a perfect sun. There is a person who by his light evokes an entire tradition, nationality. Mohan Bhagwat is such a Sangh-sarsanchalak, a great nationalist personality. They have two standards of scarcity or importance - nationalist thinking and public welfare tendencies. On the basis of those two steps, the aura of greatness is mounted on the highest peak.
Mohan Bhagwat is a great revolutionary man. Generally, the word revolution signifies blood-revolution or violent-revolution, but the revolution of the Union is contrary to it. Those who do the politics of the so-called ruling politics have refuted the term. But its meaning is not so limited. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has continued its success, the use of the words thought-revolution, agricultural-revolution, internal-revolution, individual-revolution, etc. is indicative of this fact. The result of revolution is any major change on a large scale. When a person lives in a society, he experiences suffocation in the systems, policies and traditions that he follows a new path. Today, efforts are being made by the present government to get out of such suffocation from political anomalies after independence. One such specific undertaking is the Citizenship Amendment Act i.e. CAA. It is also misguided; efforts are being made to disintegrate the unity of the nation. In his address, Bhagwat expressed its truth. He said that there was a conspiracy to mislead Muslim society about the Citizenship Amendment Act i.e. CAA, that is a truth which should not be ignored. So no more because some people are still trying to declare CAA as anti-Muslim.
There can be no more irony than this that people were taken out on the streets in different parts of the country with the law which has nothing to do with any Indian citizen. This work was possible because people were misled under a well-planned conspiracy. Whoever hatched this conspiracy, many opposition parties did the work to incite people and especially the Muslim society. Among them, there were also parties like Congress, who were demanding to amend this law in the same way as it was done. Political parties as well as so-called secular elements and leftist intellectuals also spread the illusion that the CAA can act to take away citizenship of some people, even though this law is meant to grant citizenship.
Mohan Bhagwat also mentioned the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir in his address. The Union's opinion on this issue is clear. It has been a strong supporter of a nation, a constitution which has been the sentiment of the majority of Indians. This feeling is relative to the love of the nation because the common Indian sees this subject within the ambit of national unity. This unity is associated with the desire for equality, whose constitution is our greatest asset. Article 370 was attached to this constitution as a temporary provision. Therefore, the origin of the head of the Sangh is similar to the idea of an ordinary Indian.
The construction of Ram temple has also been included in the major events that have taken place in the last one year and expressed happiness on it. This work was done following the order of the Supreme Court and in an atmosphere of social harmony. It will be said to reflect the immense heart and tolerance of the people of India. Every word of the victory-speech of Mohan Bhagwat this year is priceless, every stage is a destination and every action is a message. Therefore, it can be learned from them moment by moment. His life and philosophy, thoughts and thinking is such an inspiration to the inner soul that shakes the sleeping people in the awakened state.
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