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Every year on October 30, World Thrift Day is celebrated all over the world. This day is also celebrated in other names like World Savings Day or World Austerity Day all over the world. If we talk about savings, thrift and austerity; these all are same but the main soul or basis of this day is to encourage the savings of money or encourage to people towards low expenses and want a nation to be economically satisfied. Thrift Day does not only give a view of savings but it expresses a controlled desire, need and need for consumption. In life, simplicity, restraint, control over unnecessary expenses, renunciation and ostentation-pretense gives priority to life. Here the solution of many problems of the world and in this we have found the path of freedom from the corona epidemic. In fact, the corona epidemic has created conditions to re-create life, the basis of which is frugality and moderation. One who has limited desires will never be sad. Because he knows the truth that desire can never be fulfilled. That is why Mahatma Gandhi said - True civilization is that which teaches man to live on minimum things.Thrift has been the dominant model of Indian culture. It has great importance for a happy and healthy life. In today's consumerist and conveniences life stream, as the outlook of frugality is getting blurred, the corona epidemic, climate change, pollution, nature exploitation, terrorism, war, conflict situations are increasing. If the sacrament of savings is imbibed in folklife, then there can be control over the prevailing performance, pretence and extravagance in the society, nation and the world. Benjamin Franklin has also said that if you earn more and spend less then you have a philosopher's stone.
Violence, competition, power race and economic empire have got a brutal shape. Because the blind race of meaning has connected a person with collection, convenience, pleasure, enjoyment and selfishness. The problem was revealed - less material, more consumers. Individu-alistic attitude has been awakened. Injustice, exploitation and immorality started in the struggle for selfishness. On the one hand money gave luxury to the person and luxury created cruelty within the person, on the other hand the tragedy of poverty and scarcity ignited the rebellion within him. He started burning in vengeance, began to heat up, and came home calling many evils. Man-to-man relationships have become insecure.
Who has so much money is not important. The importance is that what is the attitude of the person towards the meaning and in which direction it is being used. The waste of meaning in performance and luxury pushes society towards misguided blinds. 35-40 crores spent in wedding, it's a total waste. The question arises that these marvellous weddings, coronation events, political parties, public meetings - are the cause of the destruction of human civilization and culture. Such economic thinking and structure increases cruelty, creates problems of corruption, boosts violence and shrinks human sensibilities. Economic- centered world system is becoming frightening for the entire human race. Therefore, events like World Thrift Day have more utility relevance today. The importance of thrift is not only in terms of governance, but also in terms of individuals and society.

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