It’s an advantage that I know every Bigg Boss 14 contestant inside out: Naina Singh


Naina Singh, Kavita Kaushik and Shardul Pandit entered the Bigg Boss 14 house as wild card contestants. As host Salman Khan quizzed the ladies about the season, he was highly impressed by Naina’s knowledge of the contestants. The young actor also left him in splits as she and Shardul got into an argument even before entering the show.
Having started her career by winning Splitsvilla, Singh then participated in Karan Johar-Rohit Shetty judged India’s Next Superstar. The 25-year-old was one of the finalists in the reality show. Post the reality shows, she starred in Kumkum Bhagaya as the antagonist post the leap. However, in June, the actor announced that she will no longer be part of the show.
Naina Singh is entering Bigg Boss 14 with the promise of adding entertainment and drama to the show. In an exclusive chat before entering the house, she opened up about being a wild card, her take on the contestants and finding love on the show.
Excerpts from the conversation:
The first question that’s on everyone’s mind – did you quit Kumkum Bhagya for Bigg Boss 14?
No, I quit the show long back in February and this came in October. And I don’t think I am so important that I would be signed way back. I left Kumkum Bhagya after I had a few creative issues with the character. That was the only reason.
You’ve had a successful stint on reality shows – you won Splitsvilla, was a finalist in India’s Next Superstar. Do you think you will repeat the success?
Honestly, I am not going with that in my head. I am not overconfident that I did well in those shows, so I will also do well here. Also, both those shows were very different from each other. On Splitsvilla, I was this fresher who did not have any baggage and so did not even have to care about how I’d be portrayed. As for India’s Next Superstar, it was all about my acting and dance skills. Right now, though I am worrying a bit about my image, I haven’t changed. I cannot pretend to be someone else. I am the same Naina that you saw in Splitsvilla, just a little polished.
What’s the biggest reason for you to do Bigg Boss 14?
Covid, of course! (laughs) I have not watched the show religiously over the years, but I followed the last season. Honestly, there is a perception that people do Bigg Boss to kind of revive their dying careers. But last season, we had people who were doing wonders on TV and in their life. We now know that things have evolved. Hence it was the best time for me to do the show. I was dying to do something interesting. Also, throughout the lockdown, we have aced all household chores, so I thought it would be best to cash in on that.
Given that you are entering after three weeks, do you think it will be tough to create a space for yourself?
Not really because whatever fan base the show has now, it’s all thanks to the seniors who were on the show. These contestants haven’t really done anything till now, and they are now starting. On the other hand, I feel I have an advantage as I know each one of them inside out. I have seen their real faces and what they talk about each other behind their back.
The exit of Sara and Shehzad has not gone down well with some fans. What do you have to say about it?
Firstly, I am glad that I didn’t go in the first slot or else I would have even gone out like that. See, the seniors were on the show for a reason. They cannot be contestants again, so they had some powers. Their choices might have been wrong, but I will not call the format wrong.
Wild cards have never won Bigg Boss. Do you think you can change history?
I am not saying I will win but as the tagline of the show says – ab scene paltega. Also, we are not really wild cards. This was decided beforehand that few contestants will enter the show in the second round.
You are known to be bold and straightforward. But these qualities might land you in trouble in Bigg Boss.
I have been myself from childhood, and not changed even a bit. I love myself this way and people who know me also love my true self. I don’t believe in hiding my emotions to just look good. I think the audience is also smart to understand the importance of being real on a show like this.
What’s your take on the contestants? Any favourites?
Not really, as everyone is right now just bad-mouthing each other. I am someone who will go out of their way for their friends. And if this is how they maintain relationships, I will have to be really careful.

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