Court appoints former District Judge as receiver to conduct election of CCI


Jammu, Oct 29: 2nd Additional District Judge Jammu Virender Singh Bhou appointed Suresh Sharma former District & Sessions Judge as receiver for conducting the election of Chamber of Commerce.
2nd Additional District Judge Jammu Virender Singh Bhou observed that taking in view and evaluation all the facts and circumstances especially in the light of Covid-19 related scenario, it is deemed fit to appoint a receiver for the defendant no. 1. Accordingly Mr. Suresh Sharma, a former District and Sessions Judge, is hereby nominated and appointed as receiver of the defendant no. 1 for a period of four months w.e.f 01/11/2020 for the purpose of conducting the election of the office bearers of the defendant no. 1 by convening, in accordance with the pre 19/12/2018 Constitution of the defendant no. 1, the election meeting of the general council comprising of the membership of the year 2017 as it obtained at the time of last held election of the office bearers body. The receivership period of four months is fixed keeping in view the Covid-19 related scenario which may require very detailed mode of convening the meeting of the sizeable membership of the defendant no. 1. In case on account of difficulty by reason of any administrative guidelines which may render the convening and gathering of the electorate of the defendant no. 1. to be deferred beyond four months, the receiver Mr. Suresh Sharma may then apply to this Court for extension of the time for carrying out the mandate of receivership. The receiver Mr. Suresh Sharma shall be competent to work out the method of conducting the election in fitness of things prevailing due to Covid-19 guidlines of the District Administration.
Court further directed District Civil Administration under the Deputy Commissioner Jammu and the District Police under Sr. Suptd. of Police Jammu shall be bound to provide assistance as may be requisitioned by the receiver Mr. Suresh Sharma in discharge of his office of receiver of the defendant no. 1. During the period of receivership. In his authority the receiver Mr Suresh Sharma shall be authorised to have in his custody the complete record of documents/files/ Books of Account of and related with the defendant no. 1 from custody/control/possession of all the defendants held by them in their capacity as the last office bearers of the defendant no. 1. The receiver Mr. Suresh Sharma shall also have the authority to manage the routine administrative affairs and activities of the defendant no. l.The arrangement with operation of accounts shall continue to be as it is subject to control and supervision of reciever. Mr. Manish Gupta shall render full ministerial assistance to receiver Mr. Suresh Sharma for the sake of ensuring the smooth working of his duty as receiver. The Banks bearing the accounts of the defendant no.l shall act in compliance to the directions of the receiver Mr. Suresh Sharma.
Court further ordered that the receiver shall be entitled to monthly receivership fees of Rs. One lac which shall be drawn from the bank account of the defendant no. 1 by the defendant no. 5 to be paid to the receiver. Copy of this order be also served and notified to DC Jammu and SSP Jammu for acting in compliance. He shall submit the report of receivership work upon the conducting of the election and announcement of the result of election within a period of four months. This application is disposed of and it be made part of the case file.

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