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People are made aware of the rights, welfare, total improvement, care and education of children on Universal Children's Day. Children were seen as the future of the country at all places in the world. Their childhood-like future is being subsumed into the world of scarcity, neglect, intoxication and crime. Childhood would be so scary and frightening; no one would have imagined it. After all, why is childhood becoming infuriating? Why is childhood being so neglected? How have not only parents, but society and government become so careless towards childhood? These questions are shaking us in celebrating Universal Children's Day. Universal Children's Day is celebrated on 20 November, all over the world. This day was established in the year 1954. This day is also called "International Children's Rights Day". This day is celebrated to promote awareness of children's rights, international child sensitization and welfare, education and safety of children. The main objective of this day is to provide fundamental rights to children. Education, security, medicine are mainly in it. Despite such events in the advanced life of the children worldwide, childhood remains neglected, tortured and hellish even today. The main reasons which are coming to see the current situation of the children are limited and government schemes are wobbling only on papers. There is apathy of intellectual class and public representatives, economic constraints of parents, insensitive society and poverty, lack of education and awareness.
Today's child will become the creator of tomorrow's society. But how can we imagine a strong nation on weak foundations? What kind of contradiction is there in our country that our society, government and politicians do not tired of considering children as the future of the country, but is this planned conspiracy to take away about 25 to 30 crore children of this age through child labour, their childhood and right to study from them do not think so? How ironic that when children of this age should be in school, an entire generation is being denied education, sports and normal child-friendly behaviour in the name of family business and we are being patted on our backs. In the name of making children self-reliant since childhood, in reality, we are pushing them into the darkness by making money and making machines. In the name of family work and economic distress, now the necessities of childhood can be openly worked with children, Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi has expressed strong opposition to these situations. Some children work with their helplessness, while some children are forced to work. If we consider, we will find that the dream of any parent is not to make their children work. Circumstances and situations make them work with their children. But on this basis, is it appropriate to snatch away his childhood from him and put the age of reading and writing in the furnace of work? Such children tend to do more risky work than their age and understanding. At the same time, some children work in a place which is unsafe and dangerous for them such as matchbox and fireworks factories where these children are forced to work. Not only this, about 1.2 lakh children are trafficked and sent to other cities to work. Not only this, in our selfishness and economic temptation, we either beg these children or engage them in prostitution.

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