I don’t enjoy being the centre of attention, which makes me feel like sort of a misfit in films: Sonakshi Sinha


Actor Sonakshi Sinha has seen the celebrity culture from close quarters, with her dad, Shatrughan Sinha being one of the most popular actors back in the day.
And when she grew up, she attracted the limelight, too. With all the experiences she has had so far, there must be some things that she is still not okay with.
Ask her what’s the toughest part about being a celebrity, or a public figure, and she quips it’s to “inspire people in the right way” as millions look up to you.
“You want to be the correct role model for people. Honestly, for me that’s not really difficult but something that is constantly at the back of my mind,” she says.
The 33-year-old, who has starred in films such as Dabangg (2010) and Lootera (2013), adds she wants to inspire young women to be comfortable with who they are. “I want them to establish themselves, not be dependent on anyone. These are the values and things that I want to project,” she makes a point.
Elaborating on the tough bits, she confesses, “Other than that, for me, what’s been really difficult for me is that I have been a very low key person. I feel I don’t enjoy being the centre of attention, which is what sometimes makes me feel like I am such a misfit here, because I would rather just go, do my work which is shoot, and come back home. I don’t want to be like the main, sole focus of every place I end up in. I am a low key person, and like to have my privacy, which is very difficult to keep in this industry.”
Apart from this, the one thing which also dictates showbiz is the constant change it goes through. In the current times of Covid 19 pandemic until the theatres re opened a lot of films were slated for a release directly on OTT platforms. Sinha’s own Bhuj: The Pride of India alongside Ajay Devgn will release digitally.
The actor has no qualms about it, and says, “A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into making a film, and especially one like this which is about the India- Pakistan war heroes, and a brave social worker.
We are giving that respect to these people by making a film on them. It will be lovely to present it to audiences. I am happy that it will release on an OTT soon, and we will give people that amazing experience we had while making it.”

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