A scathing attack


The Central Government and the Bharatiya Janata Party have been saying that the decision to abolish the special provision under Article 370 has been taken in the interest of the people of the state, which had been felt for a long time. Now the election is the appropriate time when BJP workers can go door to door and explain the merits of this decision to the people and they should also explain. One should also expose the undemocratic activities of the political organizations of Jammu and Kashmir and the statements and opinions that have given rise to terror-unrest and violence in the province.This will enable democracy to be established there. Even after sitting away, every Indian is feeling deeply and seeing that an atmosphere of peace, harmony, development and co-life is being created in Jammu and Kashmir. There democracy is seen to be admirable in the shadow of the Constitution. But there is a long line of idleness dissidents in secret, like powerless dissidents, who are less prone to peace, more danger in the craving for power. They all want us to criticize, seek evil even in goodness, and also describe the conditions of peace and harmony as turbulent, but they do not present an example of peace, good governance and development.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently launched a scathing attack on the political front called People's Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) in the form of National Conference, PDP, People's Conference and CPIM, saying that the Gupkar gang will bring Jammu and Kashmir back to terror, violence, unrest and upheaval. This secret political party is contesting the elections of local bodies in the state. As of now, Congress has no declared agreement with them, but there is a discussion about the coordination of seats at the local level. Should the darkness of peace, harmony and democratic process never recede with the increasing activism of the group?The Home Minister has addressed the group as a gang rather than a political party, even though some people may not agree, there may have been some reasons to call it a gang. An entire environment which is being created, it is going to increase terror and unrest, and it does not seem to reduce at all. Why is there a need to make anti-national, terror and unsustainable activities and ideas contagious? The process of peace and development of the province should be interrupted. In the midst of the aggressive and anti-national activities of the group, how can we imagine that violence will not increase, terror will not grow and unrest will not increase? So the first thing to pay attention to is the environment of Kashmir, the atmosphere there. What kind of environment have the local political parties created around them? Till that does not change, events and instruments that provoke violence and terror will emerge.

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