BJP’s anti-youth policies gave fillip to unprecedented unemployment: Sadhotra


Jammu, Jan 10: The anti youth policies of BJP Govt at the centre and in Jammu & Kashmir have givenfilip to unprecedented unemployment which has added further Frustration and Alienation among youth. It is high time to check rising unemployment & provide mass employment avenues to the youth. Added Frustration & Alienation among youth is not in the National Interest alleged Mr. Ajay Kumar Sadhotra Senior Leader Jammu & Kashmir National Conference & Former Minister while addressing a meeting of Youth National Confere-nce at Jaswan in Marh today.
Mr. Sadhotra further alleged that BJP is in habit of giving hollow slogansand slogan of giving 2 crore employment every year to youth in the country since 2014 has created atmosphere of frustration & alienation. Our youth are future of our country, if BJP for the sake of votes is making false promises with youth. BJP should keep in mind that by making such false promises BJP is making future of the country dark which is not in the National interest.
He further said Covid-19 has further increased the problem of unemployment many folds but BJP Govt has utterly failed to rise to the expectations of the youth and it has turned deaf ear to the burning and just problem. Youth is feeling disgusted, deprived & deceived, sense of neglect has housed the hearts & minds of youth which is sad and unfortunate. National Conference Senior Leader has asked the BJP Govt to rise to the occasion on priority and demanded to transfer cash of Rs. 10000/- per month to every unemployed youth so that he could face the situation created by Covid-19 and rising unemployment. It will certainly give sense of belonging & security among youth which is dire need of the hour otherwise after Kisans long protest BJP Govt should be ready to face youth protests in the country. We cannot afford unrest in the country as our economy has already dipped, unprecedentedlowest level Mr. Sadhotra asserted.
He also demanded im-mediate restoration of 4G in Jammu & Kashmir. He said it is regrettable & unfortunate that Lt. Governor Mr. Manoj Sinha announced twice to restore 4G but only day after his second announcement Jammu & Kashmir Govt., issued order to again ban in J&K except in two districts. In this age of much advanced tele communication system/ social media by banning 4G, it is just to create a sense of deprivation among youth of J&K as they fail to compete their counter parts & youth in rest of the country. It is an ever biggest discrimination.
Others who spoke and participated are Balbir Singh Langeh, Rakesh Sharma, Vinay Gupta, Rinku, Bali Ram Panch, Ram Dayal Panch, Amar Singh, Sawarn Singh Manhas, Devi Ditta, Bela Ram Kaith.

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