Growing despondency


Mussolini defined fascism as the marriage between a corporation and the State (political power). But in just a little over a month, the farmers have exposed the robber-barons and their political pawns. Neo-con elite and lazy economists may think that there is still hope for Modi and that the farmers will be routed, but people with ears on Chilla or Singhu borders know the tide has turned. With the failure of the 7th round of talks between the agitating farmers and the Narendra Modi Govern-ment, Indian democracy is once again at a crossroads. The impasse has been created because the Prime Minister, in a cavalier manner, forced three "black laws" upon the farmers. As the "peace army" of farmers started for Delhi from Punjab, the members were hit by water cannons and harassed by police, yet unafraid - like true Satyagrahis - they marched on with one demand on their lips: "Repeal the laws." While the farmers' demand remains unchanged, the Govern-ment has tried all the tricks mentioned by Chanakya but failed to uproot the farmers from the Capital's periphery. As despondency grows within the Government and class traitors are exposed, the farmers' protest evolves.
From the farmers' side, the demand for repealing the laws remains unchanged; the Government is again stressing on considering amendments but saying an emphatic "no" to rolling back the laws. So, we have a deadlock. The Government understandably prefers the option of getting the matter heard by the Supreme Court. But the farmer leaders, without challenging the apex court, would rather have the Government deal with the issue. Even if the Supreme Court is roped in, can it effectively remove the blockade? At least the farmer leaders don't think so.
Judging from its earlier statements, the apex court will also act with caution. Even one wrong word could go a long way in eroding its own credibility and integrity. If any complicity is seen between the courts and the Government, it shall only spur the revolution. If the courts remain impartial, the farmers have nothing to fear. We must also remember that the world community is closely watching every development as India is only just breaking in her shoes at the United Nations Security Council. There could be serious questions and political ramification at any sign of any collusion by the Government. Canada's PM Justin Trudeau has twice already signalled the mood of the international community to Modi. The Government should be very careful and ensure that a strict and proper judicial process is followed.

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