Hope Lohri brings with it new beginnings for everyone: Nimrat Kaur


This year, Lohri, which marks is a crucial festival in the calendar of the farmers in Punjab and parts of North India, might be a very different one for them in view of the farmers' agitation. Actor Nimrat Kaur, who herself hails from a farmer family, has a special wish just for them, this Lohri.
"My forefathers were farmers; we still have family who live in the villages. Farmers are a lifeline of our country as we are an agricultural economy. I hope and pray that the farmers’ situation is resolved because it is deeply hurtful to see what’s going on,” shares Kaur.
The actor adds that a solution to this matter is the need of the year. “You see people of all age groups and genders, just out there in the cold. These are visual that are very sad to witness,” the Homeland star notes.
Kaur says having compassion for our farmers is extremely important. “Look we don’t need to be connected to farmers neither you nor me. I happen to have farmers in my family but none of us need to be connected to understand how important they are. It is like not having a doctor in the family does not mean we don’t know how important they are to us,” says the actor, while adding, “They are simply indispensable and that’s that.”
And the 38-year-old is going to keep the farmers in mind in her Lohri prayers.
“I hope Lohri brings with it new beginnings for everyone including our farmers as it is supposed to. The festival marks new beginnings and just the best of times and best of everything. I really hope this marks new beginnings and happy times and peace,” she says.
While Kaur will not have Lohri celebrations as she is in Mumbai away from her family in Delhi, she says she is going to miss celebrating with her naani. Also adds how the Covid-19 situation would make it impossible to have a big celebration.
“Lohri is a big deal because my naani ji is very fond of Lohri and she makes around 75 small packets of rewari, gajak and phulia and distributes them everywhere. We normally make a bonfire with family and everyone come but not this year. I think we are going to skip celebrating entirely this year because it is not entirely safe,” she concludes.

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