Transport Union appeals government to provide basic amenities to Stranded Drivers at Jammu-Srinagar Highway


JAMMU, Jan 15: All Jammu and Kashmir Oil & LPG Tank Truck Drivers & Cleaners Union, the representative body of drivers that carries essential petroleum products including Diesel, Petroleum, LPG and ATF today while addressing a press conference here in Jammu have expressed its serious concern over the Jammu_Srinagar National Highway Blockade due to damage of the Road after bad weather.
S. Ranjit Singh Raina, the president along with S Harasis Singh, Spokesperson of the Union today while addressing the media person urged the Jammu and Kashmir government to treat the stranded drivers and cleaners of the commercial vehicles especially the goods carrier vehicles as "Humans". The Union leaders alleged that the drivers and other crew of the stranded vehicles are trapped on road for over a week now but the local administration and government not providing them any assistance.
The Union President blamed the incompetence of the officers of the National Highway Auth-ority of India, NHAI for its failure in restoration of the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway.
S Harasis Singh, the Spokesperson of the union said that NHAI charges hefty toll fees from all vehicles on the name of maintaining roads and construction of new Highways but in the instance case of Jammu-Srinagar they have been exposed completely.
He said, none of the officers of the NHAI reached the stranded passengers, drivers, crew to know about their well being who are trapped on road for so many day, no facility on road is provided to anyone.
He asked the Jammu and Kashmir government to direct the respective Deputy Commissioners of the district to provide basic facilities to the stranded drivers and crew including, food, Warm Clothes Communication facility, shelter, toilet facility and medical aid.
They Said the drivers and cleaners of Trucks, tankers and other commercial vehicled are also human beings and citizens thus they too deserve the humane treatment from the government but unfortunately the government officers treat them liker lesser human beings.
The union leaders also hinted that if the government does not pay heed to their genuine demands they may be compelled to come on roads.

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