Diagnosed with dengue? Here are Ayurvedic tips for quick recovery


Adequate hydration, proper sleep and eating easily digestible and nutritious food is important while recovering from dengue.
Amid a worrying rise in cases of dengue across the country, it is important to take care of your immunity while following adequate precautions like wearing full-sleeve clothes, maintaining hygiene, reducing mosquito breeding, and eating a healthy diet.
Common symptoms of dengue fever are high grade fever, headache, pain behind eyes, severe body aches, backache, nausea, or retching. If you experience any of these symptoms, you must take medical advice immediately.
The platelet count in the disease also tends to go down so adequate hydration and consuming easily digestible food is important.
In case you have been diagnosed with dengue, you must follow the following tips by Dr Dixa Bhavsar apart from taking advice from the doctor.
Rest: It is mandatory to take sufficient rest as sleep aids in healing. In dengue, the immunity of the patient goes down and it is important to take as much rest as possible.

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