Jammu Bandh is protest of people


Dear Editor Sir,
It my honour to write to your goodself in your esteemed daily. Sir, I am discussing the topic of today's event called "Jammu Band". It is such an essential event in view of influence on social and domestic life which acquired the shape of protest which was proposed by the citizens of Jammu after presenting, offering and providing a huge mandate of 25 assembly seats. to show resentment against the present Government who has held responsible for the cry which existed or occurred due to the non fulfilment of the promises made by the political parties due to which every section and category is suffering from the hardships because of some common reasons as under :----
I/ Already severely affected by the complexities of COVID-19 and unable to earn the livings are feeling harrased and humiliated.
ii/ The expenditure of normal middle class has crossed the limit of excisting income , because of 2-3times increase in the price of basic amneties like L. P. G, FUELS, EDIBLE OILS FRUITS and VEGETABLES and simple items.
iii/ The worst is condition of all those persons who are AGED, ailing OR suffering from certain diseases OR accidentally in miserable situation having No oR few income not even to eat, how can they purchase medicines at sky rocketing taxes of 28 percent in addition to the other hundred expenditures of hospital, doctor, transport and tests and lot others.
Iv/ In such circumstances when everyone is already afraid, critically tense, morally and mently, how he/ she can co-op with COVID ailment at the grass root level where no person from Govt. reached where even no M.P/M.L.A or the media, a further burden of big traders trying to kill small, shopkeepers is murderous assault of human civilization. Wines and liquors can't be substitute for bread and vegetables. Pulses are not in the reach of every indian.
V/ Whatever is provided by "ALMIGHTY GOD" should or can't be snatched by any one.
Hence, public protests begin when every action proves fatal. It doesn't look fine and good when one suffers and other enjoys.
Thanking you
Sincerely Yours
Rajeev Trikha
86- Rehari Jammu.
Email- rajeev.trikha246@gmail.com

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