Killings in Kashmir: Shift in violence pattern


When we pay homage to the recent innocent losing their life in Kashmir valley during the last few days, we observe an indicator that there is a shift in violence pattern. The stage actors like conceivers, proponents and executors of such events want to give a very specific message that non Muslims and Minorities will not be accepted. The reaction of police chief that "These recent incidents of targeting civilians are to create an atmosphere of fear and communal disharmony here and there is a conspiracy to target the local ethos and values and defame local Kashmiri Muslims, and being done on the instructions of agencies in Pakistan," is just like walking on the beaten track. Now that we are living in the situation since 1990, we can say that we are tuned to listen to such statements even from the government but with certain more boasts that their deaths will be avenged and their martyrdom will not go in vain. Certainly those responsible to protect the lives and properties of the people will never put their failures in these responsibilities in public domain. But this time Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha has shown courage by putting a question mark on Security Agencies by admitting publicly that "It is the failure of security agencies and we take responsibility for it." Time and again, our forces have been claiming that a handful of terrorists are left in the valley, then why do we fail to corner them when the Valley is world's most militarized region.
If we track down the measures/ approach to combat militancy in the valley, both the government's in centre or state from time to time appear to be more on appeasement endowment policies rather than strategies to deal with the ideological warfare policy of militants and their masters. In 1995, words of PV Narsimaha Rao outlining his package and to set the stage to fulfill his commitment to the people of Jammu and Kashmir that 'short of azadi', sky's the limit?" It was an attempt to appease the Kashmiri secessionists. We have seen much vocalization since 1990 that all culminates to the appeasement measures only, with imaginations as to win the hearts of Kashmiri Muslims, right from the Bajpai's slogan of 'Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat', much-vaunted "healing touch" policy of Late Mufti, 'amnesty to stone pelters' by Mehbooba Mufti, then HM Mr. Raj Nath Singh speaking of permanent solution of Kashmir based on five Cs-compassion, communication, co-existence, confidence-building and consistency.”
Till date taxpayers money is drained in organizing various 'Confidence Building Measures' in the valley by every command of Army, Para Military Forces, Police, as well as civil authorities but the results thereof 'Daak Ke Tin Paat'. The prudent man's faulty decision of demonetizing the currency on the presumption of heavy stroke on terrorism and its funding proved to be a trouble for the common man and cause of death of many but nothing effecting the terrorists' and their funding organizations. All failures in first term to contain militancy by the present dispensation, mostly no change in the region, they betted on repealing Article 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution provisions that provide Kashmir and its residents certain privileges as well as the Kashmiri constitution. Although it was expected not to bring desired results yet all affairs of the state were taken directly under central government by division of the state and reducing its status to a lower position of UT and assuming sovereignty over Kashmir in its entirety. This had never been good news for average Kashmiris as well as political formations. The muscle policy was placed in order to silence the voice of people by putting their elected representatives from both regions behind bars and thousands of people were put to house arrest. This way the general population felt politically disenfranchised and silenced into acquiescence. Off and on visits of central ministers mainly focused in the valley and recent 17 Ministers visit under outreach program, although political in nature but was an attempt of the government to germinate some faith among tourists that Kashmir was calm and they needn't fear for their safety while vacationing.
Strategically we can agree that there was a little curtailment in incidents of killings for the last sometimes but it was the silence before the storm that has culminated into the latest spree of killing of targeted persons. Alas! Those on the helm of the affairs and their wide range of intelligence agencies completely failed to understand it and were patting their backs for normalness in the valley. Here we have to focus on these aspects for a new strategy to deal in Kashmir: Whether the present killing of targeted community people is revival of what happened in 1990?
Had dormant seeds of the ideological carriers that create fear and terror among minority have germinated now in order to force those who are now making minds to move to their older places in valley; Is it a message that Kashmiri Hindus will never be tolerated in valley and the efforts of resettling the Kashmiri Pandit community back in valley will never succeed? Is it a challenge to the BJP government that it cannot succeed in its design to propagate that BJP has been accepted in the valley and is relevant in the valley? Is it a message that Kashmiri Muslims cannot be forced to capitulate to New Delhi's wishes? Is Pak behind the scene to keep Kashmir issue as unresolved international conflict? Do Pak sponsored militancy have gained strength because of Pak backed takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban?
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